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What Is a Banana Plant?

Banana plants include an assortment of plants belonging to the genus Musa. These tropical plants produce gorgeous blooms that mature into elongated fruits ranging in colour from yellow to red as well as pink. In several mild climates, bananas are…..

Garden December 20, 2017

Dragonfly-Attracting Plants

Aquatic plants, including submerged and floating plants, are best for attracting dragonflies (Anax junius), designed to use use various crops in various phases of the life cycle. By making a pond in your home ensure a well-balanced dragonfly backyard, for…..

Garden December 17, 2017

Berry Bushes Which Do Not Require Lots of Sunlight

Strawberries, blueberries and raspberries require full sunlight to make fruit, however they’re not your only choices for berries that are developing. For those who have a lawn, you can nevertheless produce several types of berries that are delicious without lots…..

Garden December 14, 2017

The best way to Grow English Peas in a Tomato Cage

Peas create the tender and flavorful peas employed for clean and cooking pleasure. Peas thrive in the cool-weather. They can be grown as a spring or fall crop in cool climates, while they create most useful as a winter crop…..

Garden December 11, 2017

The best way to Install Phony Turf on a Grime Surface

Consider installing synthetic grass in the event that you are unable to get your garden to increase no matter just how much you really water or fertilize it. After San Francisco’s water-efficient irrigation needs took effect in January 2011, it’s…..

Garden December 6, 2017

The best way to Propagate Concord Grapes

Concord grape-vines appreciated and are extensively planted for the fresh fruit they produce in large quantities. Grape cultivars and Concord don’t grow true from seed, therefore propagation is essential to make sure that the plant retains the preferred qualities of…..

Garden December 1, 2017

The best way to Germinate Pomegranate Seeds

Cultivated since ancient times and Native in the Middle-East, the pomegranate is a fruit prized for the juicy seeds hiding inside the outer skin that is tough. Raised as both a tree and shrub, the plant was launched by the…..

Garden November 28, 2017

The best way to Germinate a Liriope Seed

Whether you select a clumping or spreading number of liriope, these crops can include value that is decorative to your own garden. Liriope, also called lilyturf, creates colourful flowers and foliage that is about 20-inches tall and grows to to…..

Garden November 26, 2017

The best way to Winterize Russian Sage

A strong herb sage survives the Northern California environment that is gentle with light-protection and appropriate drop treatment against winter chill. The bluish-lavender blooms can be found in attracting honey bees and butterflies to the backyard. In cold temperatures, the…..

Garden November 23, 2017

The best way to Propagate Kerria Japonica

Native to Japan and China, Kerria japonica is a plant in the. This little shrub spreads 6 to 9-feet broad and reaches 3 to 6 feet tall. Bright yellow flowers cover the branches in the spring, as well as the…..

Garden November 20, 2017

The best way to Cultivate Rhodiola Rosea

European nations used Rhodiola rosea, generally called rhodiola, as a plant for a large number of years. The plant also goes from the title rose-root or root and bears succulent leaves, bright-yellow flowers, and roots that smell like roses when…..