Should You Install a Urinal?

I understand what you’re thinking. “A urinal in my home? Really?” You probably get the entire man-cave thing that boys will be boys. Other than that, what possible benefit could a urinal offer on your residence?

Number one (get it?) , taking the urinal notion in the bar, rest stop or fitness center to your house can help you to save space. It’s also a time saver and yes, a conversation piece that may just last a lifetime. Here’s how to create the plan work in your house.

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A pit stop in the workshop is an idea. When it is set next to a utility sink, you don’t have to go in the house all dirty from your job, and you don’t have to eliminate momentum in your train of thought. If the shop is at a garage and doubles as an entrance to the home, it is also a wonderful location for carrying off dirty boots or cleats and getting cleaned up before entering.

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For households where there may be an issue with freedom or another health condition — today or in the future — a urinal may boost independence. Sometimes it might simpler for someone to pull himself out of a chair to a standing position than to move from sitting to sitting. A urinal may also earn a toilet more accessible for someone without freedom issues.

Yes. I have seen it happen. My former father-in law had MS, for example. Going from up to down or vice versa and addressing catheters were torturous for him. What is more, if it’s the lady of the house who desires the bathroom a lot of the time, the gentleman may need an area at the home bathroom to use while she’s occupying the commode. Also notice the grab bars across the commode in this photo.

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Even though a conversation piece for sure, a well-placed, to-the-floor urinal is also a snap to keep clean. Women complain that men are not 100 percent accurate. Well, it is pretty hard to skip a urinal that melts into the floor.

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Dream on.

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For vacation homes and rental properties, like beach and ski homes, a urinal makes using a frequent toilet in mixed company simple, clean and private. Plus it can save floor area where two places to use the toilet are required but space is limited.

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If your son potty trains on a urinal, then he is going to be considered trendy — as would be the parent who installed it — pretty much forever. While I would not recommend remodeling one into a home’s most important bathroom, installing one in, say a basement can make perfect sense for some families.

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Whenever your toilet is a work of art, design and panache, why not? It’s about the experience. However, the experience doesn’t have to cost a bucketload of money. And you don’t need a degree in history to have style. It is possible to order a typical, functional and relatively reasonably priced urinal from a big-box store for under $200.

However, as with any bathroom fixture (or car, truck or tool) you can also run with this. Amp up the customization and style, and the cost voltage can zap up in the thousands.

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While this toilet is dripping with sexy style, done up in dark and white a stainless steel commode, the urinal is also what universal designers predict zero clearance.

And while this stall-type urinal seems cool, it also takes up precious floor space. Inches matter in every bathroom remodel I have done, and a person in a wheelchair could need turn-around space. (This unit doesn’t comply with the 60-inch turn space the Americans with Disabilities Act requires in commercial and government buildings, but it borrows the concept and applies it into a house, where distance is almost always an issue.)

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Waterless urinals may also be an option for active bathrooms and large families — with mainly boys, naturally. A wall-mounted unit can opt for as little as $250. You would still have to connect the drain into a properly vented drain stack, but you would not have to add a water supply. And waterless urinals are almost silent, since they don’t flush.

Plus, waterless urinals save thousands of gallons of water annually. They need to be preserved, nevertheless, and occasionally cleaned. But even a bunch of boys could handle this.

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