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Tropical Style

Tropical Style January 26, 2023

Fumigation Foggers & Plants

Whenever you have a pest problem, it’s vital that you address it immediately to stop total infestation. An effective, convenient way to kill bugs en masse would be to use a fumigation fogger. When you have houseplants, nevertheless, there are…..

Tropical Style January 21, 2023

Clump Forming Perennials

Clump forming perennials fill in areas of the flower garden like little bushes. The main propagation method for perennial clumps is department. This produces clones of the parent plants, as it is an asexual way of propagation. Clumping perennials develop…..

Tropical Style January 18, 2023

Are Arapaho Blackberry Bushes Self-Pollinating?

Most blackberry species (Rubus spp.) Are self-pollinating — they do not rely on outside sources. “Arapaho” (Rubus “Arapaho”) is a blackberry cultivar that does well in the temperate climates of U.S. Department of Agriculture plant hardiness zones 6 through 9……

Tropical Style December 29, 2022

Do You Need to Prune Wave Petunias?

Wave petunias (Petunia x hybrida) are spreading petunias that make a mass of color that lasts all summer. Although Wave petunias reach heights of just 5 to 7 inches, the plants spread out as much as 3 feet. Variations on…..

Tropical Style December 7, 2022

Materials for Garden-Bed Edging

Placing an edging around your garden beds can enhance their look, keep grass and weeds from encroaching and boost soil retention. Materials for edging include metal, vinyl, concrete, stone, wood and brick. All edging sorts have specific benefits, but your…..

Tropical Style June 6, 2022

Various sorts of Gardenias

The intense, heady odor of creamy gardenia blossoms is the main reason to grow gardenias (Gardenia jasminoides, sometimes known by the former name G. augusta) in gardens or containers. Their blooming period is primarily in spring, but some varieties bloom…..

Tropical Style June 3, 2022

Flowers That Bloom Daily

The assortment of nature isn’t quite as chaotic as it may seem. Flowering, as an example, was determined over millions of years of trial and error in which species which did not adapt to changing distances and evolving life forms…..

Tropical Style May 30, 2022

Tree That Produces Three distinct Types of Fruit

Modern fruit trees are made possible through the art of grafting. By attaching hardy roots into a tree with tasty fruits, horticulturalists have created fruit trees which are more productive and have a higher resistance to disease than trees growing…..

Tropical Style May 27, 2022

Is Honeyrose Honeysuckle a Deer-Resistant Perennial?

Honeyrose honeysuckle (Lonicera ‘Honeyrose’) is an ornamental tree which grows in a rounded, upright form. It is attractive foliage and crimson blooms make this honeysuckle species a prize in any landscape. Hardy at U.S. Department of Agriculture zones 3 through…..

Tropical Style May 20, 2022

Avocado Tree Frost Protection

A severe frost or freeze may kill an avocado tree, especially if temperatures fall and remain below 30 degrees Fahrenheit. Frost damage is evidenced with curly and brown leaves, short discolored twigs and discolored fruit. Since healthy avocado trees are…..