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Tropical Style May 30, 2022

Tree That Produces Three distinct Types of Fruit

Modern fruit trees are made possible through the art of grafting. By attaching hardy roots into a tree with tasty fruits, horticulturalists have created fruit trees which are more productive and have a higher resistance to disease than trees growing…..

Tropical Style May 27, 2022

Is Honeyrose Honeysuckle a Deer-Resistant Perennial?

Honeyrose honeysuckle (Lonicera ‘Honeyrose’) is an ornamental tree which grows in a rounded, upright form. It is attractive foliage and crimson blooms make this honeysuckle species a prize in any landscape. Hardy at U.S. Department of Agriculture zones 3 through…..

How to Landscape for Pools With Water Features

With or with a water feature, a backyard pool is an incredible addition to your house. Unfortunately, immediately after the contractor leaves, your yard will probably be more of a muddy mess than a personal oasis. The good thing is…..

Tropical Style May 20, 2022

Avocado Tree Frost Protection

A severe frost or freeze may kill an avocado tree, especially if temperatures fall and remain below 30 degrees Fahrenheit. Frost damage is evidenced with curly and brown leaves, short discolored twigs and discolored fruit. Since healthy avocado trees are…..

How to Redirect Water to Maintain a Yard From Flooding After Rain

Many homeowners have been plagued by poor drainage at the landscape. Low spots in the yard that collect water support small plant life and eventually become moist, muddy eyesores. If you have areas in the yard that are soggy after…..

Tropical Style May 14, 2022

How to Prune Arrowwood Viburnum

The deciduous arrowwood viburnum (Viburnum dentatum) rises easily in U.S. Department of Agriculture plant hardiness zones 3 through 8. Its clusters of white flowers appear in late spring. Its popular name comes from the simple fact that Native American populations…..

Eclectic Homes May 8, 2022

The way to Restore Old Leather Reins

When cared for properly, leather will last a lifetime and past. Left untreated, however, leather will dry up and crack over time, leading it to tighten and harden. Old leather reins are common in tack rooms and farms around the…..

Eclectic Homes May 4, 2022

The way to Install an Under-Counter Water Filter

Kitchen water filters provide a convenient compromise between the cost of a whole-house filter system that installs on your primary water line and needs large filter parts, and also a mini-filter module that attaches to the existing faucet. A kitchen…..

Tropical Style May 2, 2022

How to Prune a Gerbera

Florists prize the cut flowers of gerbera daisies (Gerbera jamesonii) for their brilliant splashes of bright color, long cut-stem life and also transportation ease. Home gardeners can enjoy the undemanding and easy-to-grow gerbera daisy’s flashy colours in outdoor landscapes from…..