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Tropical Style September 27, 2019

Boost Your Style Fortune With Lucky Bamboo

Though somewhat similar in appearance, lucky bamboo isn’t the same thing as the things you will see growing exceptionally rapidly along your neighbor’s land line. Lucky bamboo is part of this Dracaena genus, and many of us will recognize it…..

Eclectic Homes September 24, 2019

How Can I Eliminate Mortgage Escrow?

Many homeowners prefer the ease of an escrow accounts. According to the Federal Trade Commission,”An escrow account is a fund held by your servicer that you pay to real estate taxes and homeowners insurance.” Generally, your loan servicer will apply…..

Tropical Style September 19, 2019

Herb Garden Essentials: Boost Your Own Delicious Mint

First a word of caution: “Invasive” is the polite way to refer to mint’s developing customs. In perfect, or maybe not so perfect, circumstances, mint will take over your garden, spreading by underground roots. Consider it in the upper tier…..

Kitchen Guides September 15, 2019

Kitchen of the Week Lives Peek Through a New Kentucky Kitchen

Built as a barn in the 1880s and converted into a home in the 1920s, this Kentucky house has been transformed again for the 21st century. The proprietor’s family had made few changes since buying the home in the 1980s,…..

Patios September 11, 2019

Spring Patio Fix-Ups: 9 Ways With Built-in Benches

If you are looking to earn a lasting change in your outdoor space, you can’t beat the durability and style of built-in seats. Fresh patio furniture is magnificent, but the perfect built-in bench, designed to match your space to a…..

Traditional Architecture September 9, 2019

Moments of Meditation at a Utah Buddhist's Retreat

A week after viewing one of Imbue Design’s jobs in Salt Lake City, the mind of a neighborhood nonprofit that develops low-income home hired the company — composed of Christopher Talvy, Hunter Gundersen and Matt Swindel — to design a…..

Life September 5, 2019

Secrets for Taking Fantastic Travel Photos With Your Phone

The best camera is the one you have with you. These days it’s your phone, because it’s right on your pocket. Traveling photography has never been easier or more shareable. With a couple quick and easy tricks, you are able…..

Tropical Style September 2, 2019

Great Design Plant: Veronica

Veronica is a huge genus of herbacious perennials that has something for everybody — multiple flower colours, multiple foliage textures along with a variety of forms. Whether you need a vertical accent in cool white or a durable, evergreen ground…..