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Eclectic Homes January 13, 2023

Artificial Grass Infill Options

Artificial grass utilizes infill material similar to organic lawn thatch as a stable foundation to hold the blades erect and to keep a springy feeling. Typically spread between one-eighth and one-quarter inch deep inside the grass blades, the infill enables…..

Eclectic Homes January 10, 2023

How to Select Primer for Wood Fences

A wood fence can add charm to a home’s landscape that’s often hard to achieve with more industrial fencing substances, such as iron fencing. However, wood fences quickly succumb to a vast range of problems, such as mildew growth, bug…..

Eclectic Homes December 12, 2022

Small & Cheap Flower Planters

Containers brimming with upbeat blooms are a beautiful choice if you want to brighten a balcony, porch or other gathering space. Versatile and easy to keep, planters can also be more economical than attempting to plant and cultivate an in-ground…..

Eclectic Homes December 4, 2022

Installing a Pot Filler Faucet

If you do a lot of cooking, it is possible to save all the heavy lifting associated with transporting complete pots of water to the stove by installing a pot filler faucet. It attaches to the wall over the stove,…..

Eclectic Homes November 19, 2022

Should All Short Sale Offers Be Presented to your Banking?

If a homeowner is unable to make payments on his mortgage loan because of financial hardship such as the loss of work, the mortgage lender gets the choice of allowing a brief sale. In a brief sale, the land is…..

Eclectic Homes November 4, 2022

How Can I Close an FHA Mortgage?

If you can’t afford a 20 percent down payment on your house, expect higher rates of interest, says Lending Tree. If you have that much of your own money invested, mortgage bankers think you’ll be hesitant to lose it by…..

Eclectic Homes October 31, 2022

What Are the Requirements for a Commercial Loan?

A mortgage is a loan made to your company against real estate. Commercial mortgages have stricter eligibility criteria than residential loans due to the direct effects of the market on the financial status of the company, a factor which leads…..

Eclectic Homes October 26, 2022

IRS Housing Laws

The IRS sets laws on many facets of selling, property buying and possession. These laws address these problems as what can and can’t be deducted from income taxation, how leasing income is handled and whether the vendor of a house…..

Eclectic Homes October 10, 2022

Condo Mortgage Guidelines

Condominiums are ideal for those that prefer low-maintenance living arrangements and for investors seeking rental income. Condo mortgages assist prospective buyers finance their purchases. Due to their association with public living, condo mortgages introduce provisions for loan approval that don’t…..

Eclectic Homes October 1, 2022

Guest Picks: 20 Mirrors That Make the Room

I’ve been searching high and low for the best mirror to go over my mantel, and I’ve come across a slew of stunning alternatives for every room in the home. From petite to grandly proportioned, and covering designs from classic…..