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Eclectic Homes May 8, 2022

The way to Restore Old Leather Reins

When cared for properly, leather will last a lifetime and past. Left untreated, however, leather will dry up and crack over time, leading it to tighten and harden. Old leather reins are common in tack rooms and farms around the…..

Eclectic Homes May 4, 2022

The way to Install an Under-Counter Water Filter

Kitchen water filters provide a convenient compromise between the cost of a whole-house filter system that installs on your primary water line and needs large filter parts, and also a mini-filter module that attaches to the existing faucet. A kitchen…..

Eclectic Homes April 20, 2022

Inspection List for Landlords

As a landlord, you should inspect your rental property before new tenants move in and once they go out. Utilizing an inspection checklist is very important to ensure you don’t miss anything during your walk-through and to prevent any potential…..

Eclectic Homes April 14, 2022

Why Is the Fuel Oil Furnace Smoking & Why Won't It Restart?

When your household’s fuel oil furnace fails to restart or starts smoking, it can ruin your day. There are a few reasons for oil burner problems which you’re able to check out and fix by yourself. But there are other…..

Eclectic Homes April 10, 2022

The Greatest Recommended Everyday Dinnerware

Everyday dinnerware, dishes that are typically subject to frequent and heavy use, needs to be permanent and affordable. Often-used dishes should be both easy to keep and keep clean to suit busy lifestyles. The New Melamine Melamine was accepted by…..

Eclectic Homes March 13, 2022

What's Covered by Renter's Insurance?

For anyone who rents a house or flat, renter’s insurance may be a very practical thing to get. When many types of damage are insured by the house owner’s insurance policy, other things are left for the renter to cover……

Eclectic Homes March 8, 2022

What To Do to Sell My Property?

You have choices to make when you would like to sell your house. There are also ways in which you can prepare your premises, to make your house more appealing to prospective buyers and also to avoid certain pitfalls during…..

Eclectic Homes March 1, 2022

Tenants' Rights After a Fire

Fires kill more Americans than any other natural catastrophe united, and 84 percent of civilian deaths happen inside people’s homes. Fires will also be responsible for billions of dollars in property loss, as stated by the US Fire Administration. Tenants…..

Eclectic Homes February 14, 2022

Guest Picks: White Dinnerware for the Holidays and After

Each autumn, with the holidays fast approaching, my mind turns to my own tabletop. Lately I have been eyeing white dinnerware sets. A white place setting is always a classic, and it permits me to introduce a world of color…..

Eclectic Homes February 8, 2022

Guest Picks: 20 Pieces for a Dining Room Makeover

I recently found a beautiful pub cart for a mere $20 at the Rose Bowl Flea Market in Pasadena. Since I brought it home, I’ve had one thing on my mind: a dining room makeover. While I feel that a…..