Cooking With Colour

If your idea of bliss is a weekend spent relaxing beachfront or poolside in a warm, sunny place, look at bringing this tranquil vibe in your kitchen with gloomy. Whether you opt for a pleasure watery turquoise or a more formal deep and dark navy, there are many ways in which you can add a little or a lot of this cool, stress-reducing colour.

One caveat about using blue in the kitchen: We humans have developed to see blue as a appetite suppressant, because of the number of of our natural food resources are gloomy and the many toxic things that sport the hue. Based on just how much you overindulged during the last holiday season, this may or may not be a good thing for you! But if you’re still fond of this calming hue for the kitchen, then have a look at these blue paint suggestions and ideas on how to incorporate the colour in your own kitchen.

Jennifer Ott Design

I enjoy working with gloomy, because there are a lot of lovely shades available — from light, frosty blues to deep indigos. You are able to add some green for it for Caribbean Sea–inspired blues purple or grey for cooler, more sophisticated shades.

Blue color picks for kitchens (clockwise from top left):
1. Sea Sparkle 5003-7B, from Valspar
2. Bali Blue KM3795-1, from Kelly-Moore
3. Blue Willow 570F-4, from Behr
4. Sonata 351-3, from Pittsburgh Paints
5. Indigo SW6531, from Sherwin-Williams
6. Symphony Blue 2325, from Pratt & Lambert
7. Blue Dusk 1644, from Benjamin Moore
8. Turquoise Tear Drops 042-5, from Mythic Paint

Jonathan Cutler, AIA

Anybody who has selected kitchen complete stuff knows how overwhelming it can be to decide on and organize all of the various choices. Make it easier on yourself by focusing on a single element to begin with, such as your backsplash. Find something that you love and then use it to push the rest of your decisions.

For instance, these indigo backsplash tiles from Ann Sacks are this kitchen showpiece. All of the other materials work together with the tiles. The color of the cabinets and drum shades are pulled away from them, while the countertops and floors were kept more subdued so that they complement rather than compete with the magnificent backsplash.

Tammara Stroud Design

If you have picked out a bold backsplash tile that you love but are worried that it’s going to appear too busy, look at using it as a accent ring in a wall of white subway tiles. This can also help you stick to a budget. There’s a lot of colour in this kitchen, but because the blue is such a soothing hue, it does not feel as a stressful overload.

Ino Getiashvili

I love the elegance and drama of black and white kitchens, but occasionally they can seem too stark and cold. By adding a third colour — cobalt blue in this case — the kitchen will feel livelier and also have more personality. Of course, this particular kitchen is big on charm with such a fun and innovative backsplash.

Ecologic-Studio, llc

Speaking of charm, have a look at this incredible kitchen island. Not only can it be about the biggest one I’ve seen, but it is also quite clever to take a traditional piece of furniture and paint it such a fun and vibrant color. Vintage, traditional kitchens do not need to be stuffy. Shade is a great tool for incorporating personality.

Arnold Schulman Design Group

When utilizing a bold color on your cabinetry, consider breaking it up by using white or another neutral to get the cabinet framework, or mixing different colors or materials for the top cabinets versus the bottom cabinets. This gorgeous, serene palette of blue, white and grey is perfect for a cool kitchen in a hot climate.

Loop Design

Not a lover of colorful kitchen cabinetry or backsplash tiles? This backsplash is created of back-painted sheet glass. It’s a clean, simple, modern way to add a splash of colour to your kitchen. If you are a savvy DIYer, you may even be able to create and install such a backsplash, making it an affordable option also.

Fraley and Company

This is a really pretty blue and one that works with an assortment of kitchen styles. Because it’s lots of grey in it, it is inclined to read as a neutral and works well for somebody who needs kitchen colour that does not feel on the top.

Daniel Sheehan Photography

This is such a smart method to utilize bold colour in a room. An accent wall can be easily repainted in another enjoyable hue or a more neutral colour, depending on how your style tastes change. You could pick up among the other colors in the backsplash tile or move in an entirely different palette direction entirely. The fairly robin’s egg/sky blue used here is bold yet calming.

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