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Decorating Guides November 15, 2022

The way to Pick Interior Railing Color

From white bannister rail to floating glass stairs with aluminum cable rail, variations on railing colour abound. Railing shade is determined by the manner of your house, your home’s colour scheme, and also the material used to construct your stairwells…..

Decorating Guides November 8, 2022

Curtain Ideas for Windows Flanking a Fireplace

A fireplace has worthy presence in any room, and dressing the windows that flank it’s as important as the way you decorate the mantel and wall space above it. With thoughtful planning and the perfect drapes, create a symmetrical look,…..

Decorating Guides April 5, 2022

What Colors Go Finest With Brown Floors?

Brown isn’t a single shade; instead, it is many colors and tones, a feature to remember if you are selecting colors to match your brown flooring. Most — but not all — browns include warm orange or reddish undertones which…..

Decorating Guides March 30, 2022

The qualities of Fine China

The artistic qualities of fine china may be the first thing that you notice, whether you are examining dinnerware, vases or ornamental pieces. The art of earning porcelain china began in the nation that lent its name to these items…..

Decorating Guides March 27, 2022

What Color Wood Floors Complement Black Stained Tables and Chairs?

The black-stained table and seats are an impulse purchase, heirlooms, or the dining room or living room of your dreams. Now you have to arrange them on hardwood flooring which should show off that furniture to advantage. You have as…..

Decorating Guides November 4, 2020

Feng Shui Tips to Paint A Front Door Facing East

The ancient civilizations of China and modern Western practitioners relate water and wind — translated as “feng shui” — together with good health and good harvest. The art and science of feng shui can enhance the home’s living space by…..

Decorating Guides October 13, 2020

12 Home Hot Spots for Holiday Decorating

Time to dust off these boxes in the garage and wash the spiderwebs from the garland stored in the basement. The holidays are upon us. My two youngest boys have holiday radar. When October 1 strikes and the atmosphere chills…..

Decorating Guides September 25, 2020

Neat Little Project: Build a Mail and Message Center

Despite fewer and fewer bits coming from the email today, there are still enough to warrant a special place to maintain the bills and magazines that arrive. Add the demand for a centralized location for family notes, the occasional voucher…..

Decorating Guides October 27, 2019

What Is Interior Decorating?

Although people often think interior decorating and interior design will be the same, they are not. Interior decorators pick the paint color for your wall, while interior designers may knock it down to alter the structure of the room. Interior…..

Decorating Guides August 3, 2019

Off-Center Art Hits the Mark for Energizing Design

Like many traditionalists, I gravitate toward lace. For a long time, my living room sideboard had one framed black and white photograph hanging on it, dead centre. The scale of this photograph was too small because of its place, and…..