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Tropical Style December 29, 2022

Do You Need to Prune Wave Petunias?

Wave petunias (Petunia x hybrida) are spreading petunias that make a mass of color that lasts all summer. Although Wave petunias reach heights of just 5 to 7 inches, the plants spread out as much as 3 feet. Variations on…..

Fireplaces December 25, 2022

What Eats Broccoli & Sunflowers Out of a Garden?

Few sights are more infuriating to a gardener than gnawed-off touches of vegetation or plants that gradually wither afterwards damaged by insects. Careful assessment of both your garden and your plants may help determine whether crops like broccoli and sunflowers…..

Gardening and Landscaping December 21, 2022

Indoor Plants Which Are Safe for Cats

Plants are appealing to cats, and if they chew leaves, dig into potting soil, bat at blossoms or sip water in a vase or rooting jar, curious kitties can get into all types of trouble exploring your indoor jungle. Garden…..

Fireplaces December 15, 2022

Anti Bug Mulches

Bugs and insects help natural mulches decompose, but certain pests are potentially harmful. 1 approach to prevent damage from unwelcome insects would be to use a sulfur which keeps bug problems to a minimum. Altering your mulching technique may also…..

Eclectic Homes December 12, 2022

Small & Cheap Flower Planters

Containers brimming with upbeat blooms are a beautiful choice if you want to brighten a balcony, porch or other gathering space. Versatile and easy to keep, planters can also be more economical than attempting to plant and cultivate an in-ground…..

Tropical Style December 7, 2022

Materials for Garden-Bed Edging

Placing an edging around your garden beds can enhance their look, keep grass and weeds from encroaching and boost soil retention. Materials for edging include metal, vinyl, concrete, stone, wood and brick. All edging sorts have specific benefits, but your…..

Eclectic Homes December 4, 2022

Installing a Pot Filler Faucet

If you do a lot of cooking, it is possible to save all the heavy lifting associated with transporting complete pots of water to the stove by installing a pot filler faucet. It attaches to the wall over the stove,…..