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Eclectic Homes August 30, 2019

9 Decorating Trends into Love Forever

I’m the type of person who can eat the exact same thing for lunch every single day, but I can not appear to live with the identical decoration for over a couple years. I’m constantly making slight adjustments, getting tired…..

Eclectic Homes August 27, 2019


A piloti is a particular type of thin column that supports a building by lifting the building over the ground plane. A building constructed with pilotis will be visually mild and possess a transient quality, because the pilotis lift the…..

Tropical Style August 22, 2019

Fantastic Design Plant: Fan Aloe

A landscape of succulents tops my list of favorites, but occasionally just a small variation in the tight rosettes that specify their silhouette is vital for a lively and interesting gardenscape. Input enthusiast rosemary (Aloe plicatilis). Its structural yet fluid…..

Eclectic Homes August 19, 2019

Plug Into Home Power Monitors That Pay for Themselves

Using power is a fantastic thing for everybody. It saves you money and helps the environment. But controlling power use — when we think about it whatsoever — is often a guessing game. Any proprietor of a gas-electric hybrid car…..

Fireplaces August 14, 2019

Readers' Choice: The 10 Most Popular Exteriors of 2012

Although many of these homes lean toward conventional style, readers stored these photographs for all of the little details which look great on almost any house. ers noticed the stonework, shutters, exterior lighting, shingles and outdoor fireplaces, collecting inspiration for…..

Coastal Style August 11, 2019

Lakeshore Bliss for a Cantilevered Vermont Home

On the website of a former summer camp, this lakeside home in Vermont sits on a steep incline. After the dilapidated camp was torn down, new structure was allowed inside its exact footprint. A few nearing retirement wanted to build…..

Fireplaces August 9, 2019

Open-Concept Living Above a Salon

Inspired by the sleek and innovative design of New York high-rises, Carolyn Cobb’s downtown flat in St. John’s, a city in the Canadian province of Newfoundland and Labrador, is a chic working and living area that shows effective space planning…..

Coastal Style August 7, 2019

Traditional and Modern Converge on Coveted Chicago Blocks

The blocks of Orchard and Howe streets just south of Armitage Avenue at Chicago’s Old Town area are just two of the most desirable residential stretches in the city. Yet because this ideabook will reveal, the historic fabric of this…..

Decorating Guides August 3, 2019

Off-Center Art Hits the Mark for Energizing Design

Like many traditionalists, I gravitate toward lace. For a long time, my living room sideboard had one framed black and white photograph hanging on it, dead centre. The scale of this photograph was too small because of its place, and…..