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Patios October 4, 2019

Patio of the Week: Koi Glide Around a Tranquil Garden's Moat

Barry Harrison wanted to transform his little vacant yard to a lush private garden which would offer a healthy habitat because of his prized koi. He also wanted a space which may help earn money for The Greening of Detroit…..

Patios September 11, 2019

Spring Patio Fix-Ups: 9 Ways With Built-in Benches

If you are looking to earn a lasting change in your outdoor space, you can’t beat the durability and style of built-in seats. Fresh patio furniture is magnificent, but the perfect built-in bench, designed to match your space to a…..

Patios November 22, 2018

Could a Cool Chess Set Be King in Your Castle?

In case you’ve got a dull backyard spot, a spacious roof deck or even a blah driveway and you enjoy playing chess, consider a supersize set that you could enjoy outdoors. I never learned how to play chess, so that…..