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Fireplaces April 8, 2022

Home Exterior Lap Siding Installation

Lap siding, also called clapboard, runs horizontally around the outside of a home with each row tilting the row under it to create a water-resistant surface. Classic lap siding is made of wood, but today you might also find it…..

Fireplaces October 9, 2020

Find out Your Art Style

You don’t have to become an art historian or an art critic or even an artwork collector to be an art lover. Art makes us think, enhances our understanding of the planet and moves us . Sometimes it is just…..

Fireplaces October 6, 2020

Plunge Into a Refreshing Beach-House Look

My loved ones and I awakened off lately for a weekend at lovely Santa Barbara, California, a city that offers long walks along the shore, a quick snooze on the sand and strolls along State Street’s bustling restaurants and stores……

Fireplaces September 29, 2020

Relaxed Farmhouse Life for a Texas Family

“I don’t want anything to feel just like Dallas.” This was the main direction that inner designer Marci Barnes’ client gave her seeing her family’s new state home, about an hour out of the Big D. Utilizing soft colors of…..

Fireplaces December 27, 2019

The Privet's Leaves Are Yellow

In case you’ve got one privet shrub (Ligustrum spp.) Or a hedge composed of these evergreen shrubs, watching leaves begin to turn yellow can be troubling and might be a warning sign of a problem that requires attention. The very…..

Fireplaces December 21, 2019

My Arborvitae Is Turning Brown After Planting

The arborvitae plant (Thuja spp.) Is a large evergreen shrub or tree using scale-like green leaf arranged on its branches in flattened sprays. This flexible plant is generally dependable and easy-to-grow, so if a newly planted specimen has sections or…..

Fireplaces December 12, 2019

Costco Harmonics Installation on Stairs

The retail chain Costco sells a proprietary brand of laminate floors called Harmonics. The boards are 5 inches wide and about 48 inches long, and they snap together to make a continuous floating flooring. The floor isn’t connected to the…..

Fireplaces December 9, 2019

The Way to Make Polyurethane Chair Cushions

Polyurethane foam gives a low-cost alternative to more expensive high-density cushion options. The open-cell foam is durable and comes in a variety of thicknesses, which means you can use it to substitute a loftier sofa cushion or to earn a…..

Fireplaces November 17, 2019

The Way to Insulate Basements

Unfinished basement walls lower the energy efficiency of your home, leading to cold drafts and reduced relaxation for your family. Missing or insufficient insulation also contributes to higher utility bills because of wasted energy, and may result in longer maintenance…..

Fireplaces November 13, 2019

Home Inspection Cleaning Checklist

Prepare for a house inspection in precisely the same way that you would prepare for a house showing, just with more diligence. Learn the particular areas included on a house inspection checklist that house inspectors inspect. Make sure that these…..