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Garden September 22, 2018

Garden Musts for March

Dig, dig and dig a little more. Then add mulch, mulch and more mulch. Take a break to enjoy the series of daffodils and crocuses, then mulch and dig a little more. March is about enjoying the first blooms of…..

Living Room September 20, 2018

Good Spaces: Mastering the Open Floor Plan

Many men and women really like to pick out colours, fabrics and finishes when remodeling, however I really like the very first step: space preparation. When done correctly, it may produce a finished room that feels larger and performs more…..

Apartments September 15, 2018

Houzz Tour: Tribeca Through and Through

When architect Jane Kim first encountered this Tribeca attic, the majority of the traces of its origins were not exposed (the early 20th-century construction was formerly a commercial warehouse). Her clients wanted to get that industrial atmosphere back, while keeping…..

Decorating September 12, 2018

Brass and Gold Accents Make a Comeback

I’m going to head out on a limb and say I’m digging all of the warm brass and gold you see utilized as fixtures and hardware in the home today. I never thought I would say that. In fact, even…..

Home September 9, 2018

Gift Guide: Gadgets Go Retro

Some self-described early adopters out there find themselves lost the days of simpler technology. Whether he’s poring over records and cassette tapes or she’s staring longingly at used book stores using a Kindle within her handbag, odds are you know…..

Garden September 7, 2018

Great Design Plant: Red Kangaroo Paw

Kangaroo paw is seen in gardens and for good reason. Itversatile’s simple to develop, and has flowers. Pick red kangaroo paw (Anigozanthos‘Red Cross’) for additional benefits of dimensions, cold hardiness, and spectacular red blooms. Plant in autumn to give the…..

Home September 4, 2018

Easy Ways to Dress Up Your House for Fall

You do not have to spend the big dollars to decorate for every new year. There are several ways to pinch pennies and still achieve great seasonal d├ęcor. The trick is using objects available, and then supplement with a few…..

Home September 2, 2018

Street Smart: New Ways With the Zigzag

Chevron patterns are topping the trend graphs for many seasons. And while some routines seem dated after reaching popularity status, the chevron pattern has pretty much become a classic. A whimsical, daring statement is made by these stripes that are…..