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Small Bathroom

Small Bathroom February 19, 2019

Outfit Your Shower

A shower bench is a wonderful thing. Should your shower stall be big enough to incorporate a chair, it’s guaranteed to include comfort and function to your regular cleansing experience. There’s an art to getting shower seats right, nevertheless. I…..

Small Bathroom February 15, 2019

Should You Install a Urinal?

I understand what you’re thinking. “A urinal in my home? Really?” You probably get the entire man-cave thing that boys will be boys. Other than that, what possible benefit could a urinal offer on your residence? Number one (get it?)…..

Small Bathroom February 2, 2019

Polish Your Toilet's Look With Wrapped Tile

Wrapping tile around a bathtub or shower’s corners and curves is an excellent touch that provides a lot. This technique makes it resemble a piece of tile folds round a corner, so as the exact same size pattern and tile…..

Small Bathroom November 29, 2018

Dream Toilet to Your Toilet: Translate the Look

We all have our own idea about what makes a perfect bathroom. It could be a spectacular view from the tub, a spalike ambience, classic English nation fixtures, or abundant colours and exotic, weathered tiles. Obviously for many of us,…..