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Fireplaces November 13, 2019

Home Inspection Cleaning Checklist

Prepare for a house inspection in precisely the same way that you would prepare for a house showing, just with more diligence. Learn the particular areas included on a house inspection checklist that house inspectors inspect. Make sure that these…..

Eclectic Homes November 10, 2019

What Exactly Are FHA Inspection Criteria?

The Federal Housing Administration (FHA) is a federal government agency that establishes and improves federal home standards. One of the applications which the FHA developed to achieve this goal is a mortgage loan program, which provides government-assured mortgages for non-technical…..

Eclectic Homes November 7, 2019

FHA Refinance Loan Prerequisites

The Federal Housing Administration does not provide loans or refinance loans directly to borrowers. Instead, it covers the mortgages issued by approved lenders. Currently, the FHA covers 4.8 million single-family houses, which makes it the largest mortgage insurance companies from…..

Eclectic Homes November 3, 2019

Home Inspection to Termite Damage

If problems go untreated for years control can turn into a costly expenditure. Because symptoms generally appear invisible to the untrained eye, this happens. Once screened, an owner must request a professional who has training and utilizes chemicals and equipment…..