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Traditional Architecture

Traditional Architecture December 21, 2020

How Long Must a Complete Length Mirror Be?

A full size mirror, sometimes called a floor mirror if it has a stand, is intended to reflect your whole body, not just a particular section. The right length for attaining this target depends on your height as well as…..

Traditional Architecture February 18, 2020

How to Measure for Deep Pocket Bed Sheets

A deep-pocket mattress generally is 14 to 18, or 20 inches deep, and locating sheets to match requires a bit of sleuthing. But if you go armed with the measurements of the mattress and understand how to read the sheet…..

Traditional Architecture October 31, 2019

How to Calculate a Home

Assessing the square footage of a home is not so difficult, but it involves some legwork, record keeping and mathematics. Understanding how big a residence is helps in estimating how much it will cost to heat or cool it, also…..

Traditional Architecture September 9, 2019

Moments of Meditation at a Utah Buddhist's Retreat

A week after viewing one of Imbue Design’s jobs in Salt Lake City, the mind of a neighborhood nonprofit that develops low-income home hired the company — composed of Christopher Talvy, Hunter Gundersen and Matt Swindel — to design a…..

Traditional Architecture July 31, 2019

How Crafts and Arts Style Beautifies Today's Interiors

During the Victorian age, opposition developed toward the developing industrialization trend and also the excess opulence of these times. The Arts and Crafts movement, or the aesthetic movement, was born out of the opposition. The motion, which prospered between 1860…..

Traditional Architecture February 10, 2019


Roundovers are softened and curved profiles around the top or bottom corner of a border. You will find them on tabletops, desks and frames — generally on any border where a sharp corner is not desired. They are often created…..

Traditional Architecture October 30, 2018

New, Laboratory House Bridges Old

Architect Randy Brown can be credited with only attracting cutting-edge design to Nebraska, having discovered beneath West Coast architects such as the late Frank Israel and returning into the Cornhusker State with know-how along with a passion for contemporary architecture……