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Remodeling May 31, 2018

Sliding Doors: Transition in High Style

Think sliding doors should lead only outside? Think sliding doors should only be made of GLASS? Think again: Sliding doors aren’t only coming in clever shapes, colours and styles, but they are also proving themselves a savvy design icon interior…..

House Cleaning May 25, 2018

8 Tips for Maintaining Your Washing Machine

The washing machine helps you a lot so you better take good care of it. This is especially if you want to prevent it from breaking down all the time and having to deal with huge costly repairs. Here are…..

Home May 20, 2018

Houzz Tour: A Take on Midcentury Modern

When designing for a couple, there is usually quite a bit of compromise involved. But as designer Heather Garrett proves it does not need to mean that a compromise on style. This Durham, NC home was purchased by a customer…..

Coastal Style May 18, 2018

Guest Picks: Beach House Chic

Growing up in the Northeast, I Have come to love the design Fashions of This New England coastal Cities from Nantucket to the Hamptons. However, the “beach house” look can quickly go from white linen and used wood grains into…..

Painting May 4, 2018

8 Beautiful Kitchen Trends in 2018

For a very long time, white kitchen Glendale painters and finishes were popular everywhere. However, this year the pendulum seems to be swinging towards a more textured and layered aesthetic, which involves the use of neutral colors that are elegant,…..