Polish Your Toilet's Look With Wrapped Tile

Wrapping tile around a bathtub or shower’s corners and curves is an excellent touch that provides a lot. This technique makes it resemble a piece of tile folds round a corner, so as the exact same size pattern and tile are used. If the tile has veining or graining, the exact same tile is used side by side in the corner, so it looks like the tile has been bent into place.

Tile layout can make or break a toilet renovation. You do not need to spend a lot of money, but you should invest some time at a pleasing tile design. Here you’ll find out how wrapped corners and the right tile layout may give your bathroom the polished appearance you desire.

Habachy Designs

This is a dream background for a custom soaker tub. The mosaic tile begins centered on the bathtub and wraps round the curves.

When care is taken planning a tile layout, include walls and interior corners may look equally as amazing.

Hint: Before installing mosaic tile, dry fit it. Discover how the tile meets the edge or the corner in your toilet. You might find that if you begin from centre of the wall with a grout joint, your layout will end up going too broad, with tiles going beyond your end point. Instead, starting from the centre with a full tile centered on a border or corner will save a half inch.

Professional hints for getting your toilet tile right

Nora Schneider Interior Design

Wrapping the corner with your tile pattern creates seamless walls. Here you may see the diagonally set tile rolls round the corner, which makes the tile layout constant.

Hint: It may take two tiles to get a perfectly wrapped corner. Use the identical colour or find another tile with similar grain, or your efforts won’t be rewarded with such a shiny appearance.

Angie Keyes CKD

Often 1 corner of a bathtub is the primary starting point. You can see the way the designer of the tile layout started with half tiles at the corner, then exercised from there. At the entry to the shower, the eye is attracted to the corner with the seat, which makes the corner the shower’s feature wall.

Hint: Not every single shower requires a feature wall, but in the majority of showers one wall or one corner is the primary viewpoint. Take care to ensure this main focal point doesn’t look unbalanced.

B & P Distinctive Renovations, LLC

You may see the tile pattern starting in 1 shower corner and spreading out from there.

Lizette Marie Interior Design

I love to maintain the identical tile width at the corners. When a tile onto one wall is cut to a shorter period, for instance, I love to begin the next wall with this exact same width. The inside corner of the shower seems fantastic; the tile widths are kept constant for a more finished appearance.

To me equilibrium is all about finding a perfect tile layout. Not every single shower is constructed to exacting standards, so tiling frequently generates the illusion of perfection.

Schnarr Craftsmen Inc

Notice the way in this photo, the cut tiles wrap round the corner. It looks perfect. These details should be determined on in the beginning.

Hint: When selecting a stone or natural-looking tile, use ones with more personality from the corners to make an instantaneous feature wall.

Ziger/Snead Architects

This counter or brick-style tile installation is quite common. Notice the interior corners. Half tiles alternate with full tiles in the inside corner working out. If you maintain a balance like this with your own tile layout, your bathtub will look good.

This bath has a nice, basic 1- by 2-foot tile, with a 50 percent counter brick pattern.

Notice the way the wall over the toilet has two tiles installed to fill from the brief wall. The other tiles flare out from there. The floor tile grout lines also run up and over the shower grip. All these little details give a basic tile layout a very polished look.

Tarkus Tile, Inc..

The floor tile within this shower wraps throughout the shower drain.

It might have been simpler to install the tile insert drain with straight cuts, but notice the way the floor pattern is preserved across the entire floor, including the drain.


Pure and simple. This is a great shower layout. Look at the inside corner: It alternates full tiles and half tiles, working out from the corner and producing the wrapped appearance.

By Any Design Ltd..

This is my daughter’s shower before we grouted. When you look beneath the angled ceiling, you will see that the corner tiles are in diameter.

But look over the light, on the ceiling portion. I awakened the pattern, and the appearance is nowhere near as good. The uneven tiles jumble up any equilibrium.

I thought about changing it. Then I thought about all the work it would take. I grouted it, and still, two years after, I wish I had done it right the first time.

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