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Budgeting Your Project October 17, 2019

Rent-to-Own Procedures

In real estate, a rent-to-own arrangement means a tenant and landlord have agreed that the tenant has the option to buy the home he is presently leasing by a setup. Together, they determine how much the sales price of the…..

Roofs October 14, 2019

Busted, 6 Green-Roof Myths

Green roofs, living roofs, vegetated roofs, ecoroofs — whatever you want to phone them, they’re sprouting up everywhere lately, including atop residential homes. With that growth in popularity stems overall assumptions and misconceptions. As an instance, that green roofs are…..

Eclectic Homes October 11, 2019

10 Household Tasks for Fall

With cooler weather and the holiday season in sight, early autumn is a great time for taking inventory of household areas in need of a little TLC. Here are 10 home features you’ll feel good about organizing or cleaning early…..

Small Spaces October 7, 2019

Know When to Fold 'Em

I recently transferred out of a 2,400-square-foot house to a 500-square-foot cabin. Unexpectedly every inch of space was precious. I began to question the function of these objects around me, and pondered if there was more space-efficient approach to execute…..

Patios October 4, 2019

Patio of the Week: Koi Glide Around a Tranquil Garden's Moat

Barry Harrison wanted to transform his little vacant yard to a lush private garden which would offer a healthy habitat because of his prized koi. He also wanted a space which may help earn money for The Greening of Detroit…..

Eclectic Homes October 1, 2019

Epoxy vs. Cement Grout — What Is the Difference?

Epoxy grout has gotten increasingly more popular among tile contractors and builders. I find benefits that are new every time I use this item. Unlike cement grout, which is created from a cementitious powder mixture, epoxy grout is made from…..