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Tropical Style April 28, 2022

Is the Sweet Potato Vine Drought Tolerant?

With trailing leaves varying in color from chartreuse to purple, the ornamental sweet potato vine (Ipomoea batatas) makes a striking addition to the backyard. Though a tropical plant, the vine grows well in U.S. Department of Agriculture plant hardiness zones…..

Tropical Style April 24, 2022

How to Fertilize Flowering Tomato Plants

No harvest typifies summer over red, ripe garden tomatoes. Their normal coloring, rich scent and compact juiciness contrast remarkably with tomatoes sold in grocery shops in midwinter. Tomato plants require nitrogen and phosphorus, but never to excess. A healthy layer…..

Eclectic Homes April 20, 2022

Inspection List for Landlords

As a landlord, you should inspect your rental property before new tenants move in and once they go out. Utilizing an inspection checklist is very important to ensure you don’t miss anything during your walk-through and to prevent any potential…..

Eclectic Homes April 14, 2022

Why Is the Fuel Oil Furnace Smoking & Why Won't It Restart?

When your household’s fuel oil furnace fails to restart or starts smoking, it can ruin your day. There are a few reasons for oil burner problems which you’re able to check out and fix by yourself. But there are other…..

Eclectic Homes April 10, 2022

The Greatest Recommended Everyday Dinnerware

Everyday dinnerware, dishes that are typically subject to frequent and heavy use, needs to be permanent and affordable. Often-used dishes should be both easy to keep and keep clean to suit busy lifestyles. The New Melamine Melamine was accepted by…..

Fireplaces April 8, 2022

Home Exterior Lap Siding Installation

Lap siding, also called clapboard, runs horizontally around the outside of a home with each row tilting the row under it to create a water-resistant surface. Classic lap siding is made of wood, but today you might also find it…..

Decorating Guides April 5, 2022

What Colors Go Finest With Brown Floors?

Brown isn’t a single shade; instead, it is many colors and tones, a feature to remember if you are selecting colors to match your brown flooring. Most — but not all — browns include warm orange or reddish undertones which…..