Dream Toilet to Your Toilet: Translate the Look

We all have our own idea about what makes a perfect bathroom. It could be a spectacular view from the tub, a spalike ambience, classic English nation fixtures, or abundant colours and exotic, weathered tiles. Obviously for many of us, a whole bathroom overhaul is not in the cards.

No matter what appearance is calling your name, there are strategies to translate the key elements of the design you love into your bathroom without the high price of remodeling. Let’s explore some accessible ideas in five fantasy baths.

The fantasy bathroom: Classic designer luxury

The translation: Despite the huge square footage or elaborate designer, you are able to pull together a gorgeous space with classic, crisp decorator touches which are well within reach.

Swap out standard blinds for cloth shades and your tub will suddenly feel as a real space.
Upgrade your towels for a fluffy variant with contrasting piping or grosgrain trim.
Want to let in more light? Try glue window films for more sun without sacrificing privacy.
Replace the conventional ceiling fixture using a classic drum pendant lighting on a dimmer switch.
Add a part of real furniture. An armchair (if you’ve got the space) or a tiny gleaming wood or marble table is a great choice for the traditional bathroom.

Maraya Interior Design

The fantasy bathroom: Spa escape

The translation: Amp up the exotic touches and focus on the sensory experience to make a spalike ambience in your bathroom.

Put your overhead lighting on a dimmer. Everything looks better in light.
Choose a few beautiful hand-painted tiles and prop them up in your sink backsplash or hang them on the wall as art.
Splurge on fine towels. I propose supersoft and luxuriously big bath sheets, in addition to fringed and knotted hammam-style towels to hang from the sink.
Use elaborate small trays collect and curate your tub items; place a few bath soaps and oils on one, a cluster of votive candles on another.
Potted plants are a wonderful way to add mystery and thickness. Try ferns, orchids or even a palm.


VivaTerra Moroccan Hanging Lamp – $149

Mood lighting is crucial for the spa escape appearance, therefore look beyond the standard choices for interesting light fixtures. I love Moroccan hanging lanterns; hung alone or in a cluster, they include a significant punch of design and cast an amazing glow.

Jamie Laubhan-Oliver

The fantasy bathroom: Crisp Euro elegance

The translation: Cultivate the texture of a five-star resort with abundant materials, glossy finishes along with a tightly edited black and white palette.
Search antique stores for a tiny glass-front cabinet to utilize for towel storage. Paint it in the glossiest, darkest black you can find, then fill it with white towels.Collect and curate fascinating details — a giant seashell, a small bust and actual art on the walls can include a storied feel.Splurge onto a few luxury bath items to show (and utilize). Stow all unsightly things behind closed doors or in bins or boxes.

W. David Seidel, AIA – Architect

It is a fact that if your existing bathroom fixtures include a pink sink and lemon yellow tile, then you will be hard pressed to produce the black and white palette that this appearance calls for. If you’ve got a little more time and savings to invest in your bathroom remodel, adding wallpaper or a dark paint color to the upper walls and white paneling under (less expensive than retiling) will go far.

If you’re thinking of replacing the sink, having a vintage cabinet or table fitted using a simple sink bowl can be a creative alternative. When you are at it, eliminate that medication cabinet and hang out a fairly mirror instead.

Mykonos Panormos Villas

The fantasy bathroom: Greek island idyll

The translation: Is escaping to a personal whitewashed cottage in Mykonos your idea of heaven? Re-create the appearance in home with a pared-down palette of white and blue, together with a couple of Greek particulars.

American Clay leaves actual clay plaster which can be tinted in any color and applied to your walls for a gorgeous textured appearance.
Maintain a small, potted herb garden in the windowsill for fragrance and beauty. Try thyme, oregano or mint.
If you have enough sun and space, you could even bring into a potted tree.
Sinkside, select handmade pottery to maintain soap and toothbrushes.
A traditional Greek key print on the edges of towels or trimming window colors would be a fine finishing touch.

H&H Design

The fantasy bathroom: Organic contemporary

The translation: This appearance is all about feel, so each surface ought to delight the senses. Keep shade to a minimum, focusing on cream, white and natural wood tones.

A tree stump stool from the tub fits perfectly with this appearance; select up a readymade version or attempt crafting one yourself.
Should you decide on metallic accents (such as drawer pulls, etc.), keep them in the hot family; aluminum or brass would be great choices.
Hang a traditional hotel-style robe onto a wall hook.
Choose an unusual bathroom mat bamboo, cork or river stone. Wool and sheepskin hold up surprisingly well in moist conditions, but it’s best to keep them away from direct contact with drippy feet. On the other side of the space by the sink would be a much better choice.
Natural linen shades filter light beautifully and include a textural note.

Jenn Hannotte / Hannotte Interiors

More ideas for any bathroom:

Stow additional curricular and supplies under the sink or in bins or a nearby closet, reducing visual clutter.
Decant often used things into pretty containers, or at least eliminate the unsightly outer packaging.
Borrow accessories from elsewhere in your property. For example, cake stands, dessert plates and teacups all make amazing organizers.
Use a cloth shower curtain, plastic.
Remove the standard-issue mirrored medicine cabinet in favor of a fairly mirror, plus sconces.

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