The Family Home: Toy Storage That's Child's Play

Toy clutter is a battle families experience on a daily basis. Whether you’re handling an avid Lego collector or a house full of dolls, you have probably stopped in your tracks on various events and thought to yourself, “We’ve got a lot of toys!” After youdonated and’ve decluttered, what would be the best options to store exactly what you have left? Here are eight simple tried and true methods that will make your possessions (and your children) organized.


1. Make it simple. Easy pullout drawers make pickup time more efficient and less overwhelming to your own children.

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2. Think up. Utilizing vertical space to store books and toys is a great remedy for smaller spaces. By adding three shelves to this particular wall, the homeowner is able to display favorite toys and books without sacrificing style.

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3. Use a labeler. If you’re certain about which bins toys are stored inside, tag them. This is likely to make their friends and your children cleanup time. If your children aren’t reading yet, make use of pictures.

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4. Make do. It is not necessary to purchase expensive storage methods to arrange toys. Look around your house and see that which you already have available that may do the job. I adore the notion of using an old cage, as shown here, to store toys. Four wheels make pushing the crate from room to room during pickup is going to be a breeze.

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5. Think as a child. Store your kids most loved toys in their level. This can make it easier for them to find (and set away) what they play with most.


6. Don’t box it away. As soon as your children tire of well-loved toys, then think about putting them on display instead of boxing them away. Having them in view only may reinspire their usage, saving you space in the garage and cash on your wallet.

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7. Have a place for everything. We have all heard the old adage “A place for everything and everything in its place” These words are true for toys too. Designating a place, a shelf or even a basket for each particular item is imperative to staying organized.

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8. Go past the toy room. If your children play with toys in multiple rooms in your house, provide areas to keep them. Placing puzzles, books and tiny toys on the reduced levels of a bookcase, like in the image shown here, will keep toy clutter in check all around the house.

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