9 Portable Fireplaces

Imagine a picture-perfect house in winter with people gathering around the fireplace feeling warm and cozy. What if your house does not come with a fireplace? Below are a few fashionable and mobile choices to heat up any rooms. The best part is you can take these components with you when you move!

Some security strategies for all these open fire heating units:

1. Maintain at least 3 feet away from some other household combustibles.
2. Do not use in wet or moist areas unless it’s designated for this function.
3. Use only fuel recommended by the manufacturer.
4. Do not depart units unattended.
5. Some models may have special requirements. Read the manual of manufacturer .

Conventional Fireplaces – $755.99

This mobile fireplace appears to be floating due to the glass walls.


Ledgerock Personal Fireplace – $89.99

I have a few space heaters in the home but none of them had real fire in them. This personal warmer is built with glass and concrete with a Colorado Red Rock finish.

Greener Grass Design

ROLLFIRE From Sieger – $3,800

Such a simple design. Don’t think it could rotate like a tire, however.


VIDRO Fireplace – $692.18

Stainless steel design. This device can be wall mounted too.


Zeta Modern Ventless Designer Fireplace – $10,900

This clam-shaped fireplace from Starburst is just another sculpture bit to add to some space.


Fireplace from Stardust.com

This sits in an open space.


Large Apollo Tabletop Fireplace by Carl Mertens – $1,800

This small version can sit on a table or desk.


Wesley Indoor/ Outdoor Portable Fireplace – $115.99

Another versatile alternative for indoor or outdoor spaces.

Grandin Road

Zen Personal Tabletop Fireplace – $109

A mini personal fireplace for those outdoors.

The Deck Store Online

Impression Outdoor Fireplace – $1,499.99

This bigger outdoor unit is perfect as a focal point for a seating arrangement.

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