Renovation Detail: The Transom Window

Nothing gussies up a doorway in quite the same manner as a transom window. The transom window is connected to the flat crossbeam above a doorway, better called the transom beam. Originally designed with hinges, the window acted as a basic form of air conditioning, enabling for a wicked cross-ventilation. But when technology and construction practices improved, HVAC systems and lowered ceilings created transom windows unnecessary.

Nowadays many transom windows are fixed in place, used strictly to supply a dashboard of architectural pizzazz and allow natural light in. You will often find them over a front door or in a house with soaring ceilings where proportions allow them to look aesthetically pleasing.

I am itching to put in one in the doorway between my living room and kitchen to give the illusion of an open floor plan, and such examples are great inspiration.

Garret Cord Werner Architects & Interior Designers

Four-lite transom windows help to make these sky-high ceilings feel even higher.

LDa Interiors & Architecture

As you can see, transom windows operate superbly over both outside and interior doors.

Crisp Architects

The transom window over this pantry door lets natural light in the kitchen to go into the otherwise windowless space.

Tongue & Groove

Having a milder head-trim piece overhanging the exterior edges of the side casings, this transom window appears classically Craftsman.

Transom windows pair perfectly with additional special architectural capabilities. In this dining room, crown molding, wainscoting, a built-in buffet and a seven-lite transom window combine to make a custom space.

S2 Layout

A single lite acts a contemporary interpretation of this transom window.

LLC, Huestis Tucker Architects

Upon entering this Connecticut home, you’re greeted by doors with transom windows on both sides. They make the room feel bigger, lighter and more spacious.

Grainda Builders, Inc..

Sunshine flooding this coastal residence as a result of its transom windows.

Georgetown Development

A transom window and side lites combine to attractively encircle this mahogany front door.

Archer & Buchanan Architecture, Ltd..

This large transom window with Gothic muntins lets the light glow, while maintaining the privacy given with a solid front door.

Tell us : Do you have a transom window in your home? Where would you like to put in one?

Transom Windows: Why Use Them and Where?

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