Guest Picks: 20 Vintage-Inspired Finds On Your Table

What is it about Thanksgiving which makes you need to set your best table? It’s a unique holiday where customs are passed on and new customs are created. I have never hosted Thanksgiving dinner, but I certainly plan to serve some of our familiar household dishes once I do. And I’ll be honest, it’s more enjoyable for me to dream about how I’d dress my desk than actually having to do all of the cooking and the cleanup! I’d mix and match classic and vintage-modern finds for a holiday table which tells a story.
Jen in The Haystack Needle


Napkin Garland by Linea Carta – $14

I can’t get enough of the whimsical garland motif. These linen napkins are silk-screened with the garland layout and feel so unique.

Greenhouse Design Studio

Not Your Grandma’s Vintage China – $39

I am obsessed with this notion from Greenhouse Design Studio. Their new internet shop sells mixed sets of classic china located in the U.S. and Central France. Just look at all those pretty patterns! I love the modern kind of mix-and-match formal china on the table since I am not a lot of matchy-matchy woman.


Glass Bottle with Glass Stopper – $28

This is a smart way to serve water: a smoke-gray glass bottle with a glass topper. I believe the guys in the household will accept also.

Herriott Grace

Porcelain Dessert Plate – $42

If I could only shop from one spot, I’d love to scoop up Herriott Grace’s entire web shop for my holiday table. However, when I had to pick a current favorite, it’d be this hand-cast ceramic dessert plate. It has such a pretty shape and comes in a creamy white glaze.

Fishs Eddy

Pitcher – Jade – $16.95

Every table needs some color, and I am personally not a fan of the iconic orange-brown color mix for Thanksgiving. For me, this jade pitcher is perfection.


Parisian Glass – $56

These vintage-inspired goblets look like they’re straight out of a Parisian flea market. This time of year feels like the right time for a hefty goblet.


Bygones Flatware Bundles – $68

I don’t appear to have sufficient flatware when guests come over, but I like the notion of purchasing a lot of classic silverware like these pieces. It’s amazing that, with a point and click of your mouse, you can immediately shop for classic forks, knives and spoons found in flea markets and estate sales across the country!


Vintage Red Transferware Dessert Plates and Bowls by Shaving Kit – $18

Just a few pieces of classic transferware would add some history to your desk. I adore this English Abbey pattern in red, and the scalloped borders are so sweet.

Sundance Catalog

Provence Table Runer – $45

This linen table runner looks like it has been in your family for generations, but it’s still a modern charmer for today. And how do you go wrong with simple stripes?

Cost Plus World Market

Embossed Metal Serving Tray – $29.99

With those big holiday meals, you’re constantly carrying dishes back and forth. This metal serving tray is sensible and way more luxe-looking compared to its $30 price tag.


Classic Le Creuset French Oven by Ethan Ollie – $32

I was delighted to stumble on this classic Le Creuset dutch oven — it’s so much less expensive than a brand new piece! As soon as it is missing its lid, I think that it would be an ideal serving bowl. That blue color is a classic.


Gold Coffee Spoons – $72

I recall the days once I hated gold. Now I can’t get enough of it (when done right). These coffee spoons come in a matte gold finish. They’re the perfect way to end a day of indulgence.


Fleur De Lys Serving Bowl, Square – $38

The ruffles make this Fleur De Lys Serving Bowl so feminine and sweet. The white glaze and square silhouette make it sensible — and flip your preferred sweet potatoes to the star of the table.

Pottery Barn

Distressed Gold Wine Bucket – $49

This distressed gold wine bucket sure seems classic. It’s a wonderful way to chill your bottles of white vino.


Ceramic French Franc Bistro Dish – $10.95

Inspired by French bistro dishes, these small plates are big charmers. They might even draw more opinions than the curry pie.


Two Classic Fireking Cups, Neon Lemon Yellow by The Cupcake Kid – $26

There is no mistaking that mug is yours, or where you left it, as it’s a glowing pinch of yellow. These searchable classic mugs are so enjoyable.

Henry Road

Olivewood Salad Servers – $35

I am a huge fan of wooden serving utensils; they believe so much more particular than vinyl. These olivewood salad machines are so lovely. I just wish there were a faster (read: dishwasher-friendly) way to wash wood!


Brass Chambestick Vintage Candle Holders by Lolo Vintage – GBP 7.50

Of all of the candles in the land, tapers feel the most intimate to me. These classic brass candlestick holders will be perfect for displaying some creamy white tapers. I also love how candlelight immediately makes a bloated table of individuals feel a whole lot more intimate.

General Store

Wood Cutting Board, Long – $80

This handmade wood cutting board adds an artisanal quality to the table. I’d use it for cheeses and breads.


Kate Aspen Topiary Place Card Holder – $19.99

Thanksgiving has a way of turning anyone into a place cardusing, centerpiece-creating hostess. My preferred way to officially create a seating structure is with some greens. These cheap mini topiaries are designed to hold place cards. They’re so sweet!

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