Two Thirds into White and Black Art

We are Kristy and Beth, a mother and daughter, 26, and, well, older than 26, respectively. Beth’s style is quite traditional but always with a punch of something unexpected. Kristy enjoys taking risks and likes more modern decor. While our styles do not always mesh, luckily, there is typically a place where we meet in the middle. Now we’re discussing our views on a style staple: black and white art.

On a wall socket, the very versatile thing about black and white is that, based on it’s usage, it may either be the loudest thing in the room or the quietest. When utilizing black and white artwork, Kristy prefers more modern, abstract pieces that leave no room for a different focal point. Beth is a lover of black and white artwork that combines softly with the other bits in the room, allowing every element to have its moment in the spotlight in a way that whispers instead of yells.

The thing we can agree on is that a number of our favorite ways to incorporate this all-important touch of black would be to hang it on our own walls.

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Kristy’s choice 1: Large abstract art

K: I adore the clean, uncluttered lines of modern art and how it can look just a little different at every glance. My favorite thing would be to put it. The contrast is amazing.

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K: In a room like this, a traditional petroleum would just feel wrong. Among my favorite things about this piece is that it adds motion to a wall and looks a bit different at every glance. I would love to see it.


Kristy’s selection 2: Smaller, Exotic art

K: What a wow-factor in a place that might have been boring. Yes, even the elephants are incredible, but it is the art here that makes this room come alive.

That which I love so much about a bit like this is that if you turn it the other way, it’s an entirely different effect. Plus, you do not have to think about sinking a lot of cash into a piece which may not fit in a different home because it may grow or shrink to match many spaces. That having been said, you may not want to inform the artist…


Kristy’s selection 3: Asymmetrical groupings

K: Modern art doesn’t have to be enormous to make an effect. Even if we do not always see eye to focus on what the grouping is of, Mom and I totally agree that a grouping of bits is one of our favorite ways to specify a distance.

Especially in regards to modern art, symmetry is totally overrated. Experimenting with a collection of prints in different formations is a terrific, easy way to take opportunities.

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Kristy’s choice 4: Graphic,”Pop” art

K: I would put this on an entirely white wall, in a room with a lot of light and windows and super tall ceilings — think a converted warehouse apartment. That way, it is not totally overpowering but is a magnificent focus.

I wouldn’t put it in a bedroom, though. I wouldn’t want those eyes looking at me as I fall asleep!

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Beth’s choice 1: Decorative prints

B: It is not that I dislike modern art, it is just that I think there is a location for more subdued pieces. These gorgeous architectural prints are perfect in this area. It is clean, calming and the artwork is not overpowering, giving the eye a opportunity to take in every detail.

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Beth’s choice 2: Natural specimens

B: I am a huge fan of artwork that brings the outdoors in. Coral is amazing in any room, particularly in a coastal home. Kristy and I love shadow boxes with interesting things indoors.

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Beth’s choice 3: Symmetrical gallery wall

Sometimes it is fun to get creative with a grouping, but, at the end of this day, there is nothing like symmetry to actually pull it all together.

These prints are perfect for a dining room, a location where, should you ask me, the gorgeous plate of food should be the most outstanding thing.

B: Some rooms only call for artwork with a feel that is distinguished. Along with the symmetrical prints, utilizing 3-dimensional items on a wall is a excellent way to think outside the box. I would love to mount the boat on a different wall, too.

K: Modern or traditional, three-dimensional artwork is superb! It is such a excellent way to mix it up.

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Beth’s choice 4: Vintage maps

B: within this room, the zebra seat could truly be the artwork. When one bit, like the seat, creates this type of statement, it might be far too much to have a big, imposing piece of modern art too.

I love this map is amazing, intricate, but, for the purposes of the room, fades into the background a little.

K: Among my favorite places to get a huge map like this is a mattress with no headboard. It is unexpected and gives a great effect.

Common floor

Beth and Kristy: We agree that this hanging system is outstanding. We are big fans of groupings that take up almost an whole wall.

To get a similar effect with an individual touch, we love walls of black and white family photos. They’re artistic, cheap and serve as a reminder of your wildest times every time you walk !

Inform usAre you more like Kristy, a lover of modern bits or are you in Beth’s camp and like things more traditional? Inform us below!

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