11 Home Must-Haves for the Fashionista

Fashion vixens know that dressing nicely mostly has to do with having the right wardrobe. A piece of the mystery is getting the right decor. Consider it: Can you ever go out of the house without a glance in a mirror? Can you pull out your hair if you had to dig for the right pair of sneakers out of a heap under your bed?

Happily, the right accessories and furnishings can allow the fashionista concentrate on her art without worrying about such hindrances. Continue reading for 11 items every fashion maven should incorporate into her house to get runway prepared.

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A full-length mirror. Every style enthusiast knows a glimpse in a full-length mirror is essential before stripping off to her day. Happily, full-length mirrors come in a variety of sizes and prices, which makes them readily to fit into any space. Hang an inexpensive find from Target on the back of the bedroom door, or make a design statement by leaning a bigger one against the wall.

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A droolworthy, to-die-for walk-in cupboard. Complete with uniform Lucite hardware, luxe carpeting, a relaxing chaise (followed with a chilled bucket of champagne possibly?) And incredible light fixtures as magnificent as the wardrobe concealed behind closed doors.

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Ok, yes, the previous photograph IS amazing and likely on everybody’s dream record, but because of architectural or budget constraints, it is not accessible for all of us. So now that we have come back down to earth, let us kick off with cabinet organizers. An organized cupboard helps by letting you see everything that you have, so you’re not constantly feeling overwhelmed staring into the abyss. Shop for affordable cabinet organizers at stores such as IKEA or even the Container Store, or seek the services of a cupboard specialist for a custom made version.

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A vanity. A comfortable spot with the right lighting is essential for the hair-and-makeup routine. Make sure it comes outfitted with drawers or cabinets so that you can hide all your necessities.

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You may get still get the work done, and superbly, with a smaller vanity . Just looking at this mirrored desk and also good magenta seat will inspire your inner fashionista.

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A apparel. No need for the lion and the witch, but a wardrobe is a fantastic article of furniture, especially is your cupboard is running tight on space for hanging clothing.

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If a wardrobe is a bit too large for your space, a chic necklace is going to do. Use this for casual folding clothing like t-shirts, workout clothes, socks and underwear.

Jewelry frames, hooks and displays. Keep your jewelry prepared and at hand with accessible solutions. Use little bowls for bracelets or rings, hang bracelets on wall hooks and think about framing a sheet or wire mesh to hold earrings. Organize your jewelry boxes so that which is spread out equally and easy to see when you pull each drawer.

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Hey, if you have space for it, get a dress form! You are able to preview outfits by styling it by various accessories or clothes. If you’re an aspiring fashion designer or just like to create your own clothing, a dress form is key for at-home draping.


Get your sneakers in plain sight. The back of your cupboard is no house for your own shoe collection. They are just collecting dust and slough off. If you do not have sufficient shelving to display them into your cupboard, outfit your space with a freestanding shelving unit. Dust bunnies no longer!

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Lots, and a lot of pure light. Open those windows up and allow the light shine through: it will enhance your cosmetics, your colour choices and your spirit.

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