Get Organized: 5 Methods to Maintain Toys Tidy

Keeping a child’s play space clean can frequently feel pointless. You finally get it neat and tidy, and 30 minutes later it’s the same loaf of toys, books and clothes. Rather than cleaning up the constant clutter, follow these five tips to keep the tidiness and encourage your kids to –believe it or not — help clean up the mess themselves.

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1. Sort by action. Before you buy any sort of organizational system for your child’s room or play space, take stock of everything that’s in there and begin sorting. Form books and toys into piles to store, throw away or donate. Then arrange the items you’ve resolved to keep by action. This should help you figure out how much storage you will need and what kind of system will best fit your space.

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If you’ve got enough space, divide up the playroom in line with the kids’ activities — this will make business even more streamlined. Create a reading corner with books and bean bag chairs, a dining table or floor space for trucks and cars and put dollhouses and play with stoves in another corner.

If your kids are old enough, make them help out! It’s a wonderful way to teach them about cleaning and business. And this way they will know where everything goes from the very start.


2. A place for everything. If you’re using vertical storage, like shelves, arrange by putting the toys and items which are used the least at the peak of the shelf, and the toys which are used the most at the bottom. If you have kids of different ages, then be sure the younger ones have their toys at the bottom where they’re easy to get access. Ensure whatever shelving system you use is safe and secure for kids to use — it may have to be attached to the wall.

Incorporate bins, baskets and other storage components in to your shelves to keep smaller items neat. Kids acquire an incredible number of small toys, and they’re able to escape control pretty quickly. Be sure that you measure your shelves before purchasing any bins so you know they will fit properly. Hooks are another great space-saving storage solution. Put a row up to your child’s back pack, dress-up clothing, etc..


3. Label, label, label. Make cleaning up as simple as possible by clearly labeling where everything belongs. If you want the bed oom or playroom to remain neat and clean, there’s really no way you can go ahead here. Label hooks, bins, shelves and drawers to encourage your kids to put things where they belong.

Be sure your children’s play space is from this way, but still in sight so that you can keep an eye on them. This not only helps make for a more secure and comfortable playtime, but it also makes things easier when cleaning or hunting for lost toys.

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4. Pay attention to comfort and fashion. As you want your child’s play space to be clean, you don’t want it to become sterile. Add colour and texture, and make it a more comfortable space to hang out in. Pick flooring that’s comfortable but simple to wash. Stain-resistant carpeting is almost always a wonderful choice, but padded play mats or rugs can get the job done just also on hardwood floors. Possessing a play mat also gives your kid a delegated surface to play . Mats can be saved under beds or wrapped up, which is helpful if your child’s play space is shared with another room.

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Get up to the floor as possible. Kids want room to play! An open space will mean a safer place to play and fewer items to become dirty or ruined.

Magnetic whiteboards and chalkboards give children an easy-to-clean art space that’s eco-friendly and fun. There’s no paper waste ! Making it magnetic turns it into an instant bulletin board for showing additional artwork.

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5. Create a cleanup method. Invite your children to clean up within their everyday routine. As soon as you’ve cleaned up everything the very first time, the key is to teach your kids to keep it and keep it tidy. Make up a chore chart in order that they remember to put their toys where they belong daily.

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Place a couple storage bins in different rooms of the home where your child plays to make cleaning faster and less of a hassle. Having smaller bins will encourage children to put their toys in when they’re done, and require them to their own playroom or bedroom afterwards.

Tell usHow have you organized your child’s toys? What are your tips for keeping it tidy and neat? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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