Houzz Tour: Tudor Grove

For the previous 3 years, the Tudor Grove farm at Charlottesville, Virginia, was possessed and changed from architectural salvage enthusiast Camille Price. Elements of this large brick farm home date back into the early years of the 19th century, and a mix of antiques match its history. That said, the rooms are far from stuffy. Collections of antlers, casual upholstery, comfy furniture and vignettes of interesting art abound. The result: a whimsical, elegant, historical aesthetic that is a feast for the eye.

In the first living room, the colour red steals the show having floor-to-ceiling window remedies surrounding a huge, one-of-a-kind antler light fixture that overtakes the ceiling.

An extra-large mirror, one of many scattered around the home, makes the room seem much larger and nicely mimics several mercury glass and crystal candelabras from the space. The red theme is continued by A red Chinese-patterned table lamp.

The overstuffed sofa upholstered in washed linen slipcover is paired with a large square coffee table and artwork and design books that are rotated off and on. The birdcage from the corner provides a whimsical touch to the decor that is casual.

This tablescape includes everything: kitschy-yet-chic basketweave lamp, a ceramic sheeting, and a hurricane candle holder. Another wonderful mirror provides a nice background.

A side view of the living area shows an industrial sofa dining table with a white marble top, another birdcage perched atop a bookcase, and a collection of red antique books, continuing the red theme.

The group of antique red books almost looks like a bit of artwork arranged in the classic, white-washed bookshelf.

A tasseled tapestry hangs above the doorway to the country kitchen, adding a cultivated touch into the d├ęcor.

In 1 bedroom, an whole wall is covered in a salon-style grouping of artwork complemented by a mounted pair of antlers. The black four-poster bed adds to the area’s coziness and traditional vibe.

A group of sterling silver frames home black-and-white family photographs among a gathering of antique silver hairbrushes.

In the master bedroom, the four-poster bed is placed right in front of the window. Simple golden, mustard yellow-colored curtains hang behind the bed, and much more antlers continue the theme. Notice how nothing fits: The mirrors are somewhat different, and the lamps are somewhat different. The lack of symmetry and matchy-matchy style generates an authentically eclectic space.

The mantel is layered with much more red novels, mercury-glass boats and rosemary topiary trees. A slipcovered sofa mixed with a red-and-white striped rug add a bit of comfort to the formal bones of this room.

In a closeup of this mantel, you see surprises like a black bird figurine, red coral and other various objets d’art.

Artist Abby Kasonik (and daughter to Camille) painted the turquoise oil artwork.

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