Help! I am My Child, a Minimalist

From the moment you step through my front door, you understand that kids outnumber the adults in my property. For the previous four years, toys and playthings have overrun almost every area of the house. There are water toys in my shower.

This is actually the standard for many households as parents have accepted that it’s just the way it is. As for me, I’ve had enough. The easiest solution to my problem is to move in the dog’s home, but he doesn’t have the essential closet space.

Instead of taking the easy way out I’m grabbing the bull by the horns and carrying my own advice. I’m teaching my kids the best way to subdue their clutter. Can not you join me?

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Closet. If your child has a standard-sized closet, you will notice pint-sized clothes do not need much space. Slide clothing to one side of the closet; around the other hand add baskets and shelving to corral wayward toys.


Cubbies. Take cues from his or her teacher. Everything in your child’s classroom has a location, from markers and crayons to cubbies for their coats and backpacks. Show your kids how to use the same company skills at home. Label boxes so they know exactly where their items are. Clear bins are fantastic for little people who don’t understand how to read nonetheless.

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Under the bed. Underbed storage is an excellent way to keep toys accessible to children while preserving precious floor area.

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Under the bench. You may be amazed to learn that your kitchen offers a storage solution for kids’ stuff, too. If you’re planning for banquette seating, make certain to include doors beneath the cushion to store supplies. This is an especially wise solution for crafty kiddos who normally operate in the kitchen table.

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Built-ins. Install built-ins in your child’s room. When storage begins to become an issue again, it is a indication that it’s time to edit. Enable your kids to help you in eliminating items they have outgrown. This really helps to keep shelving safe along with your investment in good shape.

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Play area. If space permits, dedicate a room for the children’s playthings. When kids have a place to call their own, they are inclined to migrate .

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Bins. Family rooms are for household, kids included. Even if your child has a committed playspace, add a bin for special toys they hold dear.


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Baskets. As much as I prohibit toys in my bedroom, somehow they always discover a means past the door. Attractive baskets like these can readily be integrated into your room’s decor to temporarily home stray toys.

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