House Foundation Types

Every house must be built on a strong foundation. The foundation is perhaps the most important part of any structure. It’s the solid ground that every building stands on. There are three main types of foundation repair Little Rock that can be used to build homes. However, the choice of foundation often depends on several factors. Some of these factors include climate, moisture conditions on the land, the soil type, and the design of the house.

In this post, we are going to discuss two of the main foundation options that homeowners can choose from.

Full Basement

The full basement is the deepest type of foundation you can have. The basement foundation will match most or all of the floor space above it. In most cases, this type of foundation tends to be as high as six feet. The reason why the foundation is very high is because of the need to convert the basement into a decent living space. Although six feet is the standard height, modern home designs may have higher full basement foundations.

The fundamental benefit that comes with full basement concrete contractors Little Rock AR is the extra living space that you will get as a result. As a matter of fact, a full basement foundation nearly doubles the entire living space available to you. If properly customized and designed, the basement can be converted into additional rooms in the home.

There’s one variation of the full basement foundation though known as the daylight basement. The daylight basement is normally built along a slope. One or more sides of the foundation are completely embedded in the ground right from the floor to the ceiling. As the slope descends, one or more sides of the foundation become more exposed. Large windows can be used on the walls to allow sunlight in and convert the basement into a livable space.


The second type of foundation is the one that creates a crawlspace once it’s fully built. The entire foundation structure consists of short foundation walls standing on footings. Normally, the foundation walls are short and limit movement underneath unless you crawl through. It’s, however, okay to build longer walls just to create enough room on the crawlspace. As a rule of thumb, the walls should never be above four feet tall.

The crawlspace created with this foundation can be used for a number of things including storage. Some homeowners may also place HVAC equipment such as furnaces on this space. The biggest benefit with crawlspace foundation repair Little Rock AR is the affordable cost. Compared to the full basement and concrete based foundation, crawlspace is simple and costs less to build. The amount of work needed to complete a crawlspace foundation is also very minimal compared to other foundation designs. If you need to move your home construction project faster, then it would be nice to go for crawlspace foundation designs.

Picking the right foundations for your home should be based on many considerations. However, the two options above are quite popular at the moment.