The Way to Tighten a Loose Ceiling Fan

The moving air created by ceiling fans can help make your house more energy-efficient in the summer and winter. Occasionally, the constant rotation of the fan blades may cause the fan to begin wobbling. This wobbling motion can loosen the fan leaving it. You are able to take action block it and to tighten the enthusiast.

Reduce the canopy to expose the box inside the ceiling. The canopy is the metal piece that covers the hole in the ceiling over the fan. Use a screwdriver to unscrew any screws holding the canopy or twist the canopy based on the fan which you have.

Check the nuts onto the U-bolt that holds the fan in place on the fan brace. The enthusiast brace is the metal bar inside the ceiling connected. Tighten the nuts if they are loose, and replace the canopy.

Examine bolts and screws onto the fan housing and blades. Tighten bolts or any loose screws with a pliers or screwdriver, and replace.

Measure the distance between every fan blade along with the ceiling. If the fan blades are warped, this may cause the wobbling from the motion of the enthusiast. Replace damaged fan blades or any warped.

Balance the enthusiast by shifting the blades. Number the blades, then change two of the blades. Test the fan. Try switching the blades, When it doesn’t stop the vibration.

Place weights on top of the blades to balance the enthusiast. Tape one nickel to the very top of one of the fan blades near the outer edge. Tape a second nickel in addition to the blade in the center. Turn the fan on to see if it shakes. If this is so, move the next nickel and examine it again. Keep moving the nickels before it eliminates the. Glue the nickels in place When you balance the enthusiast.

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