8 Beautiful Kitchen Trends in 2018

For a very long time, white kitchen Glendale painters and finishes were popular everywhere. However, this year the pendulum seems to be swinging towards a more textured and layered aesthetic, which involves the use of neutral colors that are elegant, inviting, unique and yet not cold and sterile at all.

If you’re interested in creating such a kitchen, then check out which of the trends below you can incorporate in order to achieve that look.

Darker Floors

One way to warm up a kitchen with light-colored Glendale painting is to install dark floors. You can achieve this by mixing one-half of Jacobean to one-half Ebony from Minwax and voila, you’ve got dark and cozy floors to spruce up your bland kitchen.

‘Greige’ 2.0

Adding a grey undertone to the color beige was a huge game changer when the ‘greige’ shade was introduced but since then other variations have been created. Homeowners now have access to unique shades like green-gray, blue-gray and purple-gray to name but a few.

Heavy Up the Metal

As the open-shelving trend continues to take hold, it’s becoming increasingly important for homeowners to look for alternative ways to add interest to the upper section of their kitchen cabinets. In the absence of upper cabinets, the hood automatically becomes the focal point, which means that you need to spruce it up with things like copper sheeting and other similar things.

Design from the Ground Up

Want to make a statement with your floors without using high-maintenance floor rugs? You can now use statement floor tiles with bold patterns and colors to add texture to your kitchen, and it’s the more preferable option to a bold eye-level backlash anyway.

Pecky Cypress Finishes

For those that are looking for a reclaimed-wood finish, pecky cypress is the go-to material. Thanks to its grainy texture, slender cavities and burrows, it really gives you the look of reclaimed wood without the extra work of having to treat it first.  

Look Across the Pond

The English kitchen is fast becoming one of the most popular trends of this season, and is characterized by painted wooden knobs for your painting contractor Glendale, AZ, decorative spot cutouts, and appliances that are hidden away inside cabinets which run even with the countertops.  

Black Appliances

Another popular trend to look out for is that of black appliances. You see, stainless steel appliances tend to dominate wherever you place them, and with the growing popularity of small spaces, black is the new favorite because it can really add a sophisticated element to the space without being too ostentatious. Plus, all the big appliance manufacturers like Whirlpool, Samsung and GE have risen up to the challenge by introducing a wide range of black appliances, from microwaves to stoves and refrigerators. One of the most unique collections has to be the stainless steel series by LG which was designed in collaboration with the world-famous designer Nate Berkus.

Decorative Finishes

Add a touch of personality to your kitchen and make it more welcoming by using decorative hardware, slipcovers, precious collections and even a few souvenirs from your travels. The best place to display your decorative items is on the top shelves, as the lower painting contractor Glendale, AZ are often reserved for everyday items.