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Readers' Choice: The 10 Most Popular Exteriors of 2012

Although many of these homes lean toward conventional style, readers stored these photographs for all of the little details which look great on almost any house. ers noticed the stonework, shutters, exterior lighting, shingles and outdoor fireplaces, collecting inspiration for…..

Coastal Style June 10, 2019

Eclectic Global Style in a Swedish Village

Patterned walls, exotic furniture and classic touches gave this midcentury Swedish home a fresh life for a family of six. Cat and James Brewis moved from London to Sweden over 10 years ago and immediately started searching for a home…..

Decorating Guides June 8, 2019

Designer Sketch: Allison Jaffe

Registered interior designer Allison Jaffe takes inspiration from a number of sources, including her town of Austin, Texas, her clients and even antiques. “As a child, I remember being hauled around by my mom to the Austin Antique Mall on…..

Color June 5, 2019

Modern Cottage in Texas

Two blocks from Oyster’s Landing Marina in Austin, Texas, sits a friendly community of gardeners, children of all ages and households that can be seen conversing in front yards above a glass of beer or wine. Welcome to life in…..

Fireplaces March 2, 2019

The way to Repad Recliner Hands

With time, padding on the arms of recliners breaks down and becomes slender. When the arm of the recliner is visibly thin or the wood framework can be felt when you use the recliner, then it is time to replace…..

Furnishings February 26, 2019

What Type of Broom Is Required on Tile Floors?

Abrasives such as scouring pads as well as some brooms scrape tile flooring. Gentle broom bristles, such as people made of rubber or nylon, are non-abrasive and bend enough to avoid scratched tile. Tile Floor Sweeping Pick up particles such…..

Eclectic Homes February 22, 2019

The way to Adjust the Clutch to a Scag Zero-Turn Mower

Scag zero-turn mowers use a power take-off (PTO) electrical clutch. According to Scag, these electrical clutches should be corrected after every 500 hours of operation or annually. As you flip adjustment plates, plates within the clutch system move together or…..

Small Bathroom February 19, 2019

Outfit Your Shower

A shower bench is a wonderful thing. Should your shower stall be big enough to incorporate a chair, it’s guaranteed to include comfort and function to your regular cleansing experience. There’s an art to getting shower seats right, nevertheless. I…..

Tropical Style February 17, 2019

A Mother, a Garden and a Present for the Neighbors

I normally aspire to inspire visitors to attempt new items in the garden, but this before-and-after project comes with a story that I hope will inspire you to start a garden where you’re in life, with or without house ownership……

Small Bathroom February 15, 2019

Should You Install a Urinal?

I understand what you’re thinking. “A urinal in my home? Really?” You probably get the entire man-cave thing that boys will be boys. Other than that, what possible benefit could a urinal offer on your residence? Number one (get it?)…..

Pets February 12, 2019

So You Want to Have a Cat

Cats are great pets. They’re independent but nevertheless loving and filled with personality. Set an automatic feeder and you’ll be able to leave a kitty for a day or two without a care in the world that he or she…..