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How to Care for a Cedar Wood Fence

Cedar wood works well for outdoor structures, such as fences, because of its attractive reddish tone, and its resistance to warping, insect infestation and rot. Over time, dirt and weather will turn the timber gray. Cedar can be stained to…..

Gardening and Landscaping December 21, 2022

Indoor Plants Which Are Safe for Cats

Plants are appealing to cats, and if they chew leaves, dig into potting soil, bat at blossoms or sip water in a vase or rooting jar, curious kitties can get into all types of trouble exploring your indoor jungle. Garden…..

Fireplaces December 15, 2022

Anti Bug Mulches

Bugs and insects help natural mulches decompose, but certain pests are potentially harmful. 1 approach to prevent damage from unwelcome insects would be to use a sulfur which keeps bug problems to a minimum. Altering your mulching technique may also…..

Eclectic Homes December 12, 2022

Small & Cheap Flower Planters

Containers brimming with upbeat blooms are a beautiful choice if you want to brighten a balcony, porch or other gathering space. Versatile and easy to keep, planters can also be more economical than attempting to plant and cultivate an in-ground…..

Tropical Style December 7, 2022

Materials for Garden-Bed Edging

Placing an edging around your garden beds can enhance their look, keep grass and weeds from encroaching and boost soil retention. Materials for edging include metal, vinyl, concrete, stone, wood and brick. All edging sorts have specific benefits, but your…..

Eclectic Homes December 4, 2022

Installing a Pot Filler Faucet

If you do a lot of cooking, it is possible to save all the heavy lifting associated with transporting complete pots of water to the stove by installing a pot filler faucet. It attaches to the wall over the stove,…..

Fireplaces November 28, 2022

Burrowing Yard Pests

There are many types of yard pests, from insects to mammals, but those that burrow can cause extensive damage to plants and lawns. The most destructive burrowing mammals are the ones which feed on underground lamps and ruin ornamental plants…..

Fireplaces November 25, 2022

How to Upholster a Wooden Window Cornice

You have various possibilities for decorating a wooden cornice box. Some designers paint their box using elaborate stenciling, while some upholster it with material. An upholstered box lends texture and heat to the window, and also you may stylishly customize…..

Eclectic Homes November 19, 2022

Should All Short Sale Offers Be Presented to your Banking?

If a homeowner is unable to make payments on his mortgage loan because of financial hardship such as the loss of work, the mortgage lender gets the choice of allowing a brief sale. In a brief sale, the land is…..

Decorating Guides November 15, 2022

The way to Pick Interior Railing Color

From white bannister rail to floating glass stairs with aluminum cable rail, variations on railing colour abound. Railing shade is determined by the manner of your house, your home’s colour scheme, and also the material used to construct your stairwells…..

Decorating Guides November 8, 2022

Curtain Ideas for Windows Flanking a Fireplace

A fireplace has worthy presence in any room, and dressing the windows that flank it’s as important as the way you decorate the mantel and wall space above it. With thoughtful planning and the perfect drapes, create a symmetrical look,…..