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A fresh coat of paint is an easy and economical way to breathe new life into your front- or back fence this summer. Choose a color that blends with your house or backyard, or go bold with an unforeseen hue. Whatever you choose, the right colour might be the pick-me-up your yard needs.

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Elemental Design Group

The exterior your house is often the best place to look for colour cues. An instant connection between the landscape and the outside is formed here using the exact same glowing and energized periwinkle from the trim represented onto the fence.

FGY Architects

This house carried the color from the trim onto the fence. White fences are a timeless choice and create a brand new, inviting appeal.

Axis Mundi

Consider selecting a color that works with your patio’s colour palette. The end of this wooden fence shares orange undertones using the patio’s modern furniture.

Jeffrey Gordon Smith Landscape Architecture

Do you feel like your backyard decoration is simply missing something? Consider going daring with colour! Here, a vivid shade of blue generates a splash in this ranch’s backyard.

Clemente style studio

If you are interested in bold colour but feel like a full fence is simply too much, employ a glowing shade in accent areas. You will satisfy your colour craving while creating a balanced visual.

Archipelago Hawaii Luxury Home Designs

Have a little fun by selecting an entirely unexpected hue. If your residence is done in neutrals, just about any colour will work as an accent. A blue-green fence on this patio enhances the home’s modern appeal.

Exteriorscapes llc

This designer created a bold, bright and eclectic vibe by picking a variety of different colors for the garden fence. If you love colour, don’t stop at one — have some fun with it!

Timothy Lee landscape layout

Nature along with your landscape are fantastic places to look for colour inspiration. A green fence pulls from the colour of its lush environment to get a subtle, earthy vibe.


If you are lucky enough to have a vibrant flower garden, consider a fence using a tint that reflects the plantings, like this red one does.

Andrew Renn

This blue fence takes inspiration from the outside and expresses it in a deep, rich color. The whites, greens and purples of this backyard pop against the dark and compelling background.

Conard Romano Architects

Neutrals tend to blend right into their environment, suggesting little disruption between ground and sky.

Richard Kramer

Neutrals also work nicely since they allow the landscape itself become a focal point. An unbelievable red Japanese maple contrasts contrary to this deep-gray background.

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