Have a Peek Inside the Olympic Village Apartments

Olympians from all over the world are arriving in London from the thousands as I write this, and making their way into Olympic Village. The village has been its own neighborhood and community, dotted with tree-lined streets and comprising open, green spaces. The flat units contain 16,000 beds, 64,000 sheets and 22,000 cushions, all the bedding tucked, plumped and laid to make certain that every athlete has a comfortable stay.

The flats in Olympic Village have to be a place where athletes could mentally, emotionally and physically prepare for the biggest sporting moments of their lives. Here is a peek into the sleeping quarters, common areas and open grounds in which they are staying.

Following the final athletic team leaves the village on August 15, the fittings from the games will be eliminated and every one of the flats will be retrofitted with a kitchen. The village will subsequently create 2,818 new houses in a brand new community for both homeowners and renters that’ll be known as East Village.

Jonathan Edwards, Olympic gold medalist and seat of the Athletes’ Committee inside the London Organising Committee of the Olympic and Paralympic Games, functioned using a panel of architects, interior designers and other athletes to execute developments in the flats. Components vary from one-bedrooms to four- and – five-bedroom townhouses.

A peek inside the bedrooms shows Union Jack–clad standard beds which are 5 feet, 8 inches long. Basketball players, swimmers and others flatter than the superlong may be requested by that, extendable Olympic beds. Blackout shades provide privacy and optimal sleep conditions.

For the very first time in the games’ history, you will find lounges (pictured here) in every flat, where athletes could watch TV, in addition to large areas of green open space outside for them to relax in between events.

The three Olympic-theme throw pillows on the couch are one of 64 goods by British designer Jan Constantine observing the 2012 games.

Owning a bit — or a pair — of Olympic history is within your reach when it comes to flat furniture. Remains of the Games is currently selling fixtures, furnishings and equipment to interested buyers. It is possible to purchase what is called the Athletes’ Bedroom 4-Piece Set (such as a bed, a mattress, a night table and a nightlight) for only $150.

“So many men and women want a part of the Olympics, and they are simply mad about games memorabilia,” says Paul Levin, a marketing executive at Remains of the Games. “A person in New York may have a bit of the games as openly as someone in London.”

Fans have already purchased all of the leather chesterfield sofas in The Globe, the village recreational centre, but there can still be a few chesterfield club seats left in brownish available for $462.

The Globe includes 10 pool tables and industrial lighting fixtures that create a rec center texture. The walls have an amazing, raw appeal, peppered with picture artwork portraits and vintage neon signs.

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