Spring Patio Fix-Ups: 9 Ways With Built-in Benches

If you are looking to earn a lasting change in your outdoor space, you can’t beat the durability and style of built-in seats. Fresh patio furniture is magnificent, but the perfect built-in bench, designed to match your space to a T, can create your patio feel bigger and more inviting, and ramp up the style. See whether any of those 9 useful suggestions for transforming a patio with built-in benches could work for you.

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1. Utilize one bench for multiple seating locations. Get the most out of your space by using a built-in bench long enough to span several seating areas. Vary the height of your bench so that you can position an outdoor dining table at one side and earn a lounge area in the other end.

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2. Tuck a bench between planters for built-in shade. If you were able to use more shade on your patio, consider installing a bench nestled between a set of big planters filled with trees. Check with your neighborhood garden center to choose a variety that does well in a pot and also functions together with your climate.

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3. Make a statement with a big swoop. Have a steep hillside that is not possible to plant? Use it to your benefit by building in a unique curved bench.

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4. Maximize a little space using a personalized fit. A little space filled with a lot of little furniture just feels cluttered — you can actually seat more people and increase the sense of distance with an integrated bench that suits perfectly.

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5. Integrate chairs and steps for a look that is smooth. If you’re working on a major patio remodel, take into consideration the steps, pathways and other elements throughout the planning procedure. Repeating materials, such as the concrete and wood revealed here, creates a cohesive look.

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6. Make room for kids and grown-ups. A unique design such as the combo table and chair shown here can offer a perch for adults sipping wine just as easily as it can play host to toddler tea celebrations.

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7. Weather the elements together with stone seating. A stacked stone bench and table have a rustic elegance which would be at home everywhere from New England to California and outside. In the summer it can play host to gatherings, plumped up with colorful cushions. In the winter it provides natural beauty to the landscape.

Jeffrey Gordon Smith Landscape Architecture

8. Welcome friends with a curved edge. Sharp, modern lines look crisp, but they’re not for everyone. Should you want a softer look, try presenting a round shape to your patio with a softly curved bench made from wood or stone.


9. Channel elements of your dream getaway. Love the Italian Riviera? A built-in stone seat having an architectural backrest and striped cushions, plus cafĂ© seats and a huge umbrella nearby, will bring the look home. Even in the event that you can’t jet off to Italy, you can enjoy a pretty fabulous staycation on your own yard.

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