12 Home Hot Spots for Holiday Decorating

Time to dust off these boxes in the garage and wash the spiderwebs from the garland stored in the basement. The holidays are upon us. My two youngest boys have holiday radar. When October 1 strikes and the atmosphere chills at night, they know it’s time for autumn decorating. Of course, autumn and winter decorating doesn’t have to be limited to Halloween, Thanksgiving, Hanukkah and Christmas. Celebrating the seasons in general, using their change of weather and colours, is a fantastic family activity, also.

Decorations do not have to be elaborate. Simple rolls include foliage, a seasonal tablecloth and twinkling lights. For you in the soul, below are a few areas around the home that can readily be decorated with garland, wreaths, autumn fruit and lights.

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1. Front door. A beautiful wreath welcomes the holiday season. Beginning in September wreaths can include anything from fall leaves to twigs and decoration.

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2. Mailbox. Bright ribbons, twinkling lights and garland all create a warm welcome for visitors along with your email carrier. Every year for Halloween, we put a fake crow in addition to our mailbox. After numerous years, we realized that the crow keeps the squirrels away.

3. Lamppost. Greet family and guests in front of the home with some seasonal flair on the exterior light. This also works for porch lighting and also for chandeliers over tables. Fresh foliage appears warm and inviting in the low light.

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4. Front porch. Whether you’ve got a small or large terrace, make way for those pumpkins, bundles of hay or garland with twinkling lights. If you like to decorate with cluttered foliage which can dry out, front porch is a fantastic place, because it’s easy to wash when January comes around.

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5. Entry table. When you’ve got an entry desk, this is a great place to exhibit holiday photographs of family and friends. Furthermore, an entrance table serves as a handy platform for greeting cards. I really like this notion of hanging a wreath from the mirror also — revealing amazing views from front and rear.

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6. Stair rail. What says “holidays” more than the usual seasonal garland on a stair railing? Often a stair railing can be observed from the front door, therefore garland here adds to the hot feeling of coming home for the holiday season. I really like the orange and orange in the garland here; it works for all the holidays that end down the year.


7. Mantel. Perhaps the very ordinary space to decorate, the mantel is that the core of a home. It is a prime location for twinkling lights, spooky ghosts or new greens. I also like to include family photographs from previous holiday celebrations on it.

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8. Dining table. Get out those candles you got as a hostess gift all those years ago. Pair them with a gorgeous runner along with seasonal foliage.

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9. Back of a chair. Make your meal inviting and warm with a particular touch for family or guests on their chair backs. For a spin, place their names on the seats instead of on plates.

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10. Powder room. A powder room is a perfect place for really getting fun. Switch out towels temporarily to seasonal colours and include several fall-scented candles, such as pumpkin spice.

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11. Kitchen counter. The kitchen is mission control in my home; everyone gathers there in the daytime and day. I always have a bowl on the counter top, usually full of whatever looked good in the store. Winter fruit is really delicious and colorful. My favorites are pomegranates, figs and persimmons. Organize these fruits in a gorgeous bowl with dried fruit to make a seasonal show. And do not forget to eat fruit.

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12. Coffee table. A coffee table is one of my favorite places for displaying fresh flowers, seasonal candles and holiday books.

What about you personally? Please inform us about your favorite holiday or fall decorating heritage in the Remarks.

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