Accessorize a Living Room for Grace and Charm

In most traditional houses, the dining room is another room. Today’s homes tend to have a more open layout, but do not let an open appearance set you off traditional style.

The dining room is my favorite room in the house to decorate and accessorize. As it’s frequently used for fun, it delivers a fantastic opportunity to visit town on producing ambience and drama — in fact, conversations about your wonderful room can find the dinner celebration going. Standard dining rooms are often a bit more formal, full of candles, crystal, fine china, silver, flowers and fruit exhibits. Preparing the space for a dinner party gives you the opportunity to get creative with these elements. Various flowers, fruit and table linens are relatively inexpensive, so if your dinner party guests come frequently, mix this up!

Crisp Architects

This room contains all of the traditional accessories that I love. The wallpaper is reminiscent of those days of the Raj and provides that sense of play that’s great at a dining room.

Another way of adding drama is by way of pieces of artwork. A tapestry is a lovely choice. Pick one with a spectacle for interest and move big to fill an whole wall. A tapestry may add a sense of Victorian style — in this room, it is carried via the style of the chandelier and the chairs, also.

Watch more decorations for traditional dining room walls

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Silverware makes for a traditional traditional dining room accessory. Sure, it requires a bit more care, but when polished it reflects bright mild beautifully. Go with a full candelabra for an extremely traditional choice — it could be dressed with flowers and leaves to get a dinner celebration. Carry the silver through to some classic coffee collection displayed on a sideboard for a beautiful and practical accessory.

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Your dining room ought to still have a touch of personality and humor. This tiny figure usefully adds light to a sideboard and provides a talking point, also.

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This may be contentious, as most of my friends say they would rather not consider themselves when dining, but large mirrors are a traditional accessory choice for a dining room. They are perfect for representing candlelight, and whenever you’ve got a room full of guests, the reflections can be captivating. You do not always need to place them over the fireplace. Here, the mirror works superbly, since it reflects the glow in the fireplace in what could otherwise be a fairly plain space.

A full fitting dinner service is a true investment. If you’re lucky enough to own a gorgeous set that you love, then the larger, less used platters and serving dishes will look great on display. I once designed a traditional dining room around a much-loved dinner services. If you love it, then show it off.

EJ Interior Design, Eugenia Jesberg

Table configurations are a wonderful way to present subtle changes to your space and give you a little variety. White linen and clear crystal may be traditional options, but the table was laid with purple knots and glasses, which look stunning, picking up the purple at the artwork.

Peter A. Sellar – Architectural Photographer

Napkin rings may additionally help rehydrate your desk, plus they’re in so many distinct varieties. Most are not overly costly, so you can manage to have a couple sets to chop and change. I enjoy a dinner table to sparkle when I am entertaining, so I really like these. In addition, I have a set of brightly colored floral rings for less formal occasions.

Another small tip for spicing up a plain napkin ring collection — add a sprig of lavender or possibly a small bunch of herbs for something more rustic.

Peter A. Sellar – Architectural Photographer

Flowers are a natural centerpiece for a dining table. Give thought to vase shapes and sizes to make sure that the scale and size of your display are correct. Think long and low for a dinner celebration on a rectangular table (you want to be able to see your guests) however tall and large for an table. The possibilities are endless, so keep a few vases to select from.


Traditionally, an official dinner party would end with fruit. Often placed on a bowl with a pedestal so that the grapes could trail down, traditional fruit exhibits were all works of art. Fruit may also function as an accessory on your dining room. Opt for a bowl that suits your room — I really like the seashell here, since it is really suitable for the area’s setting.

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