9 Decorating Trends into Love Forever

I’m the type of person who can eat the exact same thing for lunch every single day, but I can not appear to live with the identical decoration for over a couple years. I’m constantly making slight adjustments, getting tired of stuff, moving stuff around. My home is like a painting that is never quite perfect.

But there are some things I’ll never tire of. I do not necessarily have them all in my home, but they’re the things I always appear to land on when searching for inspiration. Some of them are trendy, some are timeless, but they all speak to me. Loud and clear.

What will be the decorating trends that will have a spot in the look publication of your heart?

Studio William Hefner

1. Antique Mirrors

They’re so classic and French. But they can also be contemporary and crisp. Plus they add gleam and shimmer without too much flash.

Olga Adler

An antique mirror probably isn’t the best for putting on make up, but at least it always seems excellent.

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Dufner Heighes Inc

2. Live-Edge Wood

OK, I’ll say it: There is something downright sexy about live-edge timber. It’s so organic and flowing, so uninhibited. Swoon.

A piece of live-edge wood softens a plain contemporary room with just the correct amount of warmth and nature.

Tree Green Team

Is it hot in here?

Bosworth Hoedemaker

3. Walls of Publications

With the exception of my family, I love books more than anything on earth, and a wall of books makes me feel immediately at home and filled with pleasant anticipation. Plus, given it does not get too crazily overstuffed, a floor-to-ceiling bookshelf always seems fantastic (and overstuffed may be look too).


This bookshelf adds just the correct amount of texture and colour to this white room.

Studio Bergtraun AIA

An over-the-door bookshelf makes me especially pleased. Brains and Beauty — what more could you request?

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4. Wallpapered Accent Walls

I’m a design girl, and nothing adds design like a little background. I love everything about it, including its papery, matte finish.

Heydt Designs

This wallpapered accent wall entirely makes this room. It would be too big and white with no.

Design Manifest

A colorful, eclectic living area gets better with a pow of background.

Jeri Koegel Photography

5. Vibrant Pink

Hot pink, magenta, rosa Mexicana — whatever you call it, you can not help but look at it. Hot pink brings the eye like no other colour. I love it in an otherwise subdued room similar to this one.

The Cross Interior Design

The octopus print along with the pink chair are exactly what make this room beautiful. The rest is just standard elegance. Nice, sure, but not amazing.

Lizette Marie Interior Design

Vibrant pink also plays well with others.

Annalea Hart

6. Apple-Green Finishes

I just painted one wall in our own den apple, and I can’t tell you how delightful and cheerful it is. It’s just a good-mood colour. I am hooked.

Green ceilings are also nice. Just how much can you love this sunroom?

Tamar Schechner/Nest Pretty Things Inc

Stairs. Stairs work.

7. Colorful Couches

I have so had it up to here with beige and burgundy. White and grey are fine, but what I really love is something bold and bright. Who says the couch must fade into the background?

Nest Modern

Midcentury modern can be all wood and white, or it can be all wood and white and splashes of beautiful, bright, cheerful colour. This couch has real personality.


More laid back but still not satisfied to be a wallflower.

Darci Goodman Design

The colorful couch to finish all colorful couches.

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8. Gallery Walls

For people who love pattern and colour and artwork, nothing surpasses the gallery wall. It unites all three, and it seriously raises your art-collecting abilities.

Adrienne DeRosa

Some designers say that there ought to be a unifying motif — colour or size — but I like an eclectic mess myself. If it was good enough for Gertrude Stein, it is great enough for me.

So much personality is surrounded in this wall.

A Gallery Wall for Every Character

Squarefoot Interior Design

9. Danish Modern Dining Tables

Here is what: They are just classic decoration. And you do not have to have a midcentury modern home for one to fit in. They’re tasteful simplicity personified.

Terrat Elms Interior Design

Proceed, pair it with nation chairs. The Danish contemporary dining table can take it.

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