How to Redirect Water to Maintain a Yard From Flooding After Rain

Many homeowners have been plagued by poor drainage at the landscape. Low spots in the yard that collect water support small plant life and eventually become moist, muddy eyesores. If you have areas in the yard that are soggy after a rain, then consider redirecting the water that flows over the yard.

Clean out house gutters and be sure they run freely. Gutters that overflow are frequently the source of unwanted water. If you have underground pipes that drain runoff away from the house, make sure that they are in working order.

Add extensions to your downspouts to divert water to your downward-sloping area of the yard.

Fill low spots using topsoil to medium differences in grade. The water will flow evenly through the yard.

Increase the elevation between the water source and the low place to divert water across the low place. Use topsoil and plant the berm with grass sod to prevent erosion.

Cut a narrow channel via a high place that prevents water from draining out of a very low area. Use large stone — about the size of little bowling balls — to keep the channel open. As an alternative, use a clay or iron drainage pipe.

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