Know When to Fold 'Em

I recently transferred out of a 2,400-square-foot house to a 500-square-foot cabin. Unexpectedly every inch of space was precious. I began to question the function of these objects around me, and pondered if there was more space-efficient approach to execute each task. (Measure 1: Whenever you can, hang something on a wall socket.)

The problem got me considering foldable furniture bits that can compress to consume less space or convert from one function to the next, like a Transformer. The concept is not new. What we now call campaign furniture was popularized by British army officers in the 18th and 19th centuries, that transported collapsible furniture together as they traveled from one post to another.

A number of the foldable furniture may look familiar to all those officers of yore. Other individuals owe their ingenuity to state-of-the-art technology. And while a few cost considerably more than their traditional counterparts, the square footage that they save helps make up for the purchase price.

In Style Modern

Romano Convertible Sofa Chair, Red Fabric – $499

Among the largest challenges of living in a small area is figuring out what to do about overnight guests. With this specific Romano Convertible Sofa Chair, you have got it covered. This trendy small number converts from seat to couch to bed in just a couple of steps. It is not exactly The Ritz, but when you are living in tight quarters, just how long would you like your visitors to stay?

Verena Lang Picture Table – $2,199

At first glance it’s simply a framed print. But unlatch the top and release the legs, and it folds down to be a dining table with space. Ingenious, no? Best of all, you can add your own artwork. (“Woman Using a Faraway Appearance” not included.)


Calligaris Eleven Coffee Table – $1,257.15

This handsome coffee table retains a secret: It doubles as a dining table. It’s possible to raise it to seven different heights, and it offers seats for six as is. But as they say on these late-night advertisements, that’s not all! The frosted glass top is expandable, allowing you to seat up to eight people in comfort.

Restoration Hardware

Blackhawk Secretary Trunk – $4,395

This compact home office unfolds like an old wardrobe trunk. One side offers storage for files and books; another offers space for a computer workstation. The unit is mounted on casters, so you can roll it from the way when you are done. (Helpful, since it’s covered in aluminum panels also weighs 525 lbs.)

Design Solutions

Wall-Mounted Fold-Out Desk – $229

For something less extravagant, think about this convenient small folding desk. Well suited to the kitchen, bedroom, apartment or dorm, it looks like a demure black cabinet when closed. Open, it’s a handy desk finish with storage cubbies and a bulletin board. The cost is really attractive, too.

Trinity Walnut Fold-Away Bar – $269.99

Unless you aspire to Rat Pack–fashion heights of surplus, chances are you do not use your bar that often. So why waste a lot of floor area on it? This handy unit retains all you want, from muddlers to mixers, then folds up when done.

Home Decorators Collection

Folding/Stacking Bookshelf – $99

A whole lot of folding bookshelves look … er … collegiate. But this version feels a bit more complicated, with slatted sides along with an array of yummy colours and wood finishes to choose from. The units are stackable, too.

Lazzari USA – a new Foppapedretti

Foppapedretti Gulliver Drying Rack – $284

As adaptable as a contortionist, this Gulliver Drying Rack offers more than 85 linear feet of drying area when fully expanded. Lockable wheels guarantee easy transport and stable support, even when the unit is folded flat.


Scalo Modern Stool and Step Ladder – $2,680

This compact stool or side table succeeds to be a stepladder, making it ideal for spaces with lofts, bunk beds or top cupboards that get only occasional use. It is also possible to use it as a bookshelf. Produced by Benedetto Quaquaro for Cerruti Baleri in Italy, it’s available in several finishes.

Resource Furniture

Lollisoft IN Bunk Bed System

Ideal for parents whose kids split time between homes, or for accommodating occasional guests, this fashionable bunk bed sleeps two comfortably. But when you’re not using it …

Resource Furniture

Lollisoft IN Bunk Bed System

… the beds fold up and out of sight, leaving a blank wall in their own place. You could also purchase it with a fold-out desk mounted to the back of the lower bunk, for much more usefulness.

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