Great Design Plant: Red Kangaroo Paw

Kangaroo paw is seen in gardens and for good reason. Itversatile’s simple to develop, and has flowers. Pick red kangaroo paw (Anigozanthos‘Red Cross’) for additional benefits of dimensions, cold hardiness, and spectacular red blooms.

Plant in autumn to give the plant time to get established until spring’s bloom time and the heat of summer. While winter may be around the horizon and also this year’s bloom time , treasure this season understanding the brilliant buds will return again.

Distinguishing traits. Showy flowers are the defining characteristics of this otherwise relatively trivial perennial. And while I normally wouldn’t advocate a plant based solely on its blooms, not a lot can supply the vibrant spectacle of colour and unique form that’Red Cross’ provides from spring through autumn.

Outer space Landscape Architecture

Botanical name: Anigozanthos‘Red Cross’

Common title: Red kangaroo paw

USDA zones:9-11

Water necessity: moderate to routine

Sun necessity: Total sun

Mature dimensions:4-6′ h x 4′ spread

Environmental benefits/tolerances: Moderately drought tolerant; flowers attracts hummingbirds

Outer space Landscape Architecture

The best way to use it. Use’Red Cross’ sparingly as a bold red accent — it is most effective when withheld a little. “It is a great way to get a burst of colour,” says architect Jude Hellewell of Outer distance Landscape Architeciture. “It is very sculptural and architectural, fantastic against a wall for shadow effects, along with a fantastic cut flower.”

This backyard showcases all of these favorable traits functioning harmoniously. The row planting provides a demarcation between grass and patio, while the leaves softens the otherwise stark geometric design. And ultimately, the bold punch of red tops it all off.

Outer space Landscape Architecture

Before you plant. It is possible to expect flowers from’Red Cross’ starting in spring and lasting throughout autumn. Keep your eyes open after its flowers are spent, cut the stalks to the floor. And though kangaroo paw could be be planted throughout the entire year, it’s advised that they be placed in the ground in early spring or late autumn.

While kangaroo paw is a parasitic species, it’s been proven to be vulnerable to Black Spot. Planting in well-drained sandy loam. Give the plants great air flow and keep the region of debris. Remove any leaves which seem contaminated. With these couple of proactive steps, you should be all set and ready to await the spring coming of your red kangaroo blossoms.

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