10 Important Pest Control Tips

Do you ever find yourself worrying about different pests from time to time? It could be anything from rodents to insects or bugs. Most people worry, and for a good reason, at the sight of a single cockroach in their home. Pests move into your house for two main reasons; food and shelter. The main objective of pest control Tuscaloosa is to make the conditions in your home unfavorable for pest growth.

Here are some good tips that will help you:

Gaps and Cracks

Take time and inspect your home. Look for crevices, cracks, and gaps along the fence, the walls of your home, even the garage and barn if you have one. This is where most pests come in. Make sure you inspect the roof, cable wiring, and utility lines too, and seal any openings with mortar, sheet metal, coarse steel wool or copper mesh. Avoid caulk because some pests can eat through it.


Install halogen or high-pressure sodium vapor lights instead of the normal mercury vapor lights. Insects are less attracted to bulbs with orange, yellow or pink tints. Where possible, place the pole lights far from your doors to reduce the number of insects flying around your windows and doors.

Plants and Mulch

Mulch is a very good hiding ground for pests. Do not mulch close to the foundation. Instead, install ground cover like rocks or stone, and mulch further away. Plants that grow around your home should be trimmed, especially those that lean towards the wall or they will form a bridge into your home.


Make sure you inspect and properly maintain your floor and sink drains. This is because the debris that accumulates there makes for a good breeding ground for pests.

Windows and Doors

Pests have an uncanny habit of finding space through cracks in the windows and doors. Inspect for cracks and repair them to seal all possible entry points, especially if your windows or doors were designed in such a way that they don’t fit properly.

Stored Foods

Of course, you cannot talk about pest control Tuscaloosa AL without mentioning food storage. Always keep open food bags and boxes in resealable bags or plastic containers that have proper tight lids. Without these bags, you will end up attracting pantry pests like ants.

Trash and Litter

The decks, the garage, and your patio should be kept clean. Littering, standing water, and neglected weeds attract certain pests. These places will be a good breeding ground and source of food for the pests, so make sure you keep your exterior clean.


A clean house barely attracts pests. Therefore, one of the first things about Tuscaloosa exterminators is to try to maintain a clean house. This will reduce the prospect of having to use bug sprays or hiring an expert.

Recycled Items

Anything that is being recycled should be stored as far from the house as possible. Make sure the recycling bin has a tight-fitting lid. Rinse the container properly before use, and ensure you use containers that are rodent-free.

Interior Gaps

There are cracks that can only be seen inside the house. These cracks are common in kitchen stores, behind the refrigerator or kitchen cabinets. Seal the cracks, especially if they are ¼ inches or bigger.