The way to Adjust the Clutch to a Scag Zero-Turn Mower

Scag zero-turn mowers use a power take-off (PTO) electrical clutch. According to Scag, these electrical clutches should be corrected after every 500 hours of operation or annually. As you flip adjustment plates, plates within the clutch system move together or apart. You must adjust them attentively to acquire the appropriate air gap between the plates, which allows for suitable drive shaft motion.

Find the three gap adjustment nuts on the edge of the brake cover. Slide the feeler gauge to the distance between the rotor and armature.

Look on the sides of the clutch under each nut to observe a adjustment window where you can view the air gap between rotor and the armature. The feeler gauge makes touch with the plates once the adjustment is correct. When it is not touching or is completely tight, then adjustments are needed.

Turn all the adjustment nuts exactly the same amount of turns to keep the procedure as even as possible. Tighten or loosen each until minor contact with the plates is observed on the feeler gauge once you see it through each of the alteration windows. When the previous nut is finished, go back to the start and double check the dimensions since they can shift.

Engage the clutch at full voltage and rotate it. When there’s no contact with the brake shroud once the clutch is fully engaged, the alteration is complete. If there’s a contact, the nuts need to be backed out again until the contact is eliminated.

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