The best way to Spiral Prune a Plant

They basically follow the normal lines of the plant and eliminate branches that stick up from the core when folks prune bushes to neaten up their landscaping. This can be a tidy solution to to manage your crops, but may be a bit dull. By trimming your plants right into a spiral form, add some interest to your own yard. Whether you reduce a spiral right into a cone or a column, you will have a unique focal point around which it is possible to design the remaining yard.

Trim the bush in to cone-shape or a column utilizing hedge trimmers. Work cautiously and slowly to assure the surface of the plant is a smooth-as possible.

Stick one end of a roll of masking tape to the very best of the plant. Wind the tape round the bush all around. Create candy-cane or a spiral style throughout the plant throughout. With respect to the dimensions of the plant, simply take three to five turns across the plant to finish the design.

Trim the tree in a line across the bush, using the tape as a manual for the routine. Use handheld grass shears to get a handle on the form you’re cutting. Trim back the bush over the spiral line within an area about as broad as your fist. Work all the way through to produce a spiral-shaped depression throughout the whole bush.

Remove the tape and discard it. Trimming the depression you created in the bush. Before you attain the trunk in the bush cut straight back the branches and foliage. Work throughout the plant before you’ve a uniform, deep-cut, spiraling down to the bottom edge in the top.

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