The best way to Put a Pilot Light Out

In the event that you are relocating or longer utilizing a seasonal fuel equipment, like a furnace, the safest and most recommended way to place a pilot light out is by turning off the supply valve. Fuel will not be stopped by blowing out the pilot light from escaping through the fixtures of the appliance’s and into your house. It’s possible for you to locate these offer valves — which are metal or brass with blue, red or yellow handles — behind fuel appliances.

Place felt pads underneath the legs of the fuel appliance’s to protect the end of the floor. Pull the the applying, like an oven, a way from your wall to obtain entry to the pilot light.

Follow the fuel supply line to the shut-off valve, which can be typically close to the wall supporting the appliance. Rotate the valve in a clockwise path to turn off the fuel supply to the equipment.

Allow the pilot light to to take the the applying for one or two minutes as well as the left-over fuel in the pipe. Let the fuel fixture of the appliance’s great before executing any kind of servicing in the region.

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