The best way to Dethatch a Zoysia Lawn

In the event that you scrupulously catch zoysia grass clippings every time you mow, you don’t require to. The clippings supply nutrients for the roots as they decompose. You you should know know the best way to dethatch zoysia since zoysia grass tends to to build up the layer of area roots, stems and runners identified as thatch a lot more than other kinds of grass. The thatch layer doesn’t develop up over-night, therefore don’t assume to eliminate everything in one time. You may damage the stand of grass in case you attempt. To avoid thatch, mow frequently, waterless and use fertilizer.

Cut out a plug of soil and grass out of your lawn to look for the thickness of the layer. Use a hand trowel or a knife to dig along and get a cross section view of the plant construction above and below the floor. Is the thatch. In the event the layer is more than 1/2 inch-thick. plan to de-thatch the lawn Replace the plug.

Go on the lawn using garden dethatcher or a power rake, which it is possible to rent from an equipment provider. Adjust the depth of the slicing blades centered on the thickness of the layer. Overlap passes by at least 2″ so that the whole region is covered by you as you move back and forth over the lawn with all the strength rake.

Pass on the garden a second-time using the dethatcher, yet this time work in a right-angle to the first-pass to loosen the soil even mo-Re. For instance, in the event that you ran the de-thatcher east to west on the first-pass, operate it north to south around the second.

Remove thatch from are as a rake ca n’t be reached with by the de-thatcher. Pull it across the garden to reduce thatch and pull it to the area.

Rake the complete garden having a garden rake to eliminate the thatch particles pulled up from the strength rake.

Apply 1 pound per 1,000 squarefeet of lawn of well-balanced nitro Gen, phosphorous and potash. Use a garden spreader to use the fertilizer.

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