How to Wash Quartz Vanity Top

A quartz vanity countertop that is pure doesn’t ask for a lot of maintenance. It’s not required to seal or wax it, and scrubbing can do more damage than good. Keep a simple and gentle cleaning regimen to keep your vanity clean and looking good.

Easy Does It

Use a soft fabric for cleaning and warm water. Generally, this is sufficient to maintain your vanity clean and looking like new. To get rid of stains or dirt, use a cleanser such as window spray. Do not use any cleaner that is an acidic, such as oven cleaner or ammonia, bath and tile cleaner or includes bleach. To get rid of stains that will not come off having a gentle cleanser, use a non-abrasive wash pad. To make removal easier, soak the area with water and gentle cleanser for five to ten minutes and then wash it off. To prevent grime that is stuck-on, at least once every week wash out the vanity and remove any clogs, whether liquid or powder, straight away.

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